Things to know about air source heat pump work

An air-source heat pump takes warmth from the air as well as boosts it to a higher temperature making use of a compressor. It then moves the warmth to the furnace in your house. They work a little bit like refrigerators backward.

The air source heat pump soaks up warmth from the outside air into a fluid cooling agent at a reduced temperature level.

Using power, the pump compresses the fluid to enhance its temperature level. It then condenses back into a liquid to release its kept warm.

Warmth is sent to your radiators or underfloor home heating. The rest can be kept in your warm water cylinder.

You can utilize your kept warm water for bathrooms, showers, as well as taps.

The pump utilizes power to run, yet it ought to use less electrical energy than the heat it creates. This makes them an energy-efficient method to warm your house.

Air source heat pumps work even if the temperature level is well below absolutely no.

Ground resource heat pumps likewise harness natural warm as well as boost the temperature to warm your residence. Learn how ground source heat pump functions.

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What is an air resource heat pump? 

An air resource heat pump is a low-carbon way of heating your home. They take in heat from a cooler area and utilize it to boost the temperature level inside your house.

Air resource heat pumps look comparable to air-conditioning devices. Their dimension depends upon how much heat they’ll need to create for your home, the more heat, the larger the heat pump.

There are two major kinds of air source heat pumps: air-to-water, as well as air-to-air. They work in various methods as well as work with different kinds of heating systems.


  • Energy reliable air resource heat pumps create less carbon dioxide than numerous standard heating systems
  • Air-to-water heat pumps receive renewable heat reward payments
  • Less disruptive than mounting a ground resource heat pump, especially if you’re retrofitting
  • You might save cash on home heating compared to some older systems

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