Mariah Carey Pets and 5 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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First and foremost, we conduct biannual evaluations

One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to ensure that he has regular veterinarian examinations, according to Dr. Cori Gross of Seattle, Washington. “It’s all about taking preventative measures,” she said. According to a veterinarian, “You should make sure that you notice any prospective difficulties early on since it will be less expensive to care for your pets in the long run.”

During your pet’s biannual checkup, your veterinarian will do a thorough physical examination to determine your pet’s general well-being. Your pet’s heart, respiratory system, ear, lip and skin will all be inspected as part of this treatment. In addition to a physical exam, a veterinarian may recommend one or more of the following actions:

There are several different blood tests that are performed to determine the health of your pet’s liver and kidneys, as well as the number of red and white blood cells in his or her bloodstream. It’s important to keep an eye on the health of your elderly dogs every two years, as suggested by your veterinarian.

This is done using a faecal test

Puppies are inspected more regularly than adult dogs in this technique, which checks their faeces for parasite eggs and other organisms that may be excreted at irregular intervals. These people keep an eye out for parasites that might spread to other family members if they aren’t treated quickly.

Additional tests are available, such as the following: Urinalysis, x-rays, an EKG, and blood pressure readings are some of the tests that may be recommended. When it comes to your pet’s medical history and needs, your veterinarian will choose which tests are most important for him or her.

Health of the Teeth Dental health is critical to a pet’s overall well-being. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80% of cats and dogs over the age of three show signs of dental disease. Included in this group are conditions ranging from gingivitis to oral cancer (cancer).

Your pet’s dental health may extend his or her life by two to five years, according to study

No matter how long it takes for a professional cleaning or oral surgery, you can help your pet’s mouth stay healthy in the meanwhile by following these simple steps.

Greenies: This edible dental chew (formed like a toothbrush) may reduce tartar by up to 69 percent and tartar development by 10.5 percent if taken once a day, according to the maker. Ask your veterinarian about the right size Greenie for your pet, and remember that this treat adds to the total amount of calories your pet consumes each day.

Once a year, an oral examination

Once (or twice) a year, get your pet’s mouth checked to see if there are any abnormalities that might develop into serious problems.