Why Professional Photography Is Crucial For Vacation Rentals

Nowadays people are getting smarter and hence while buying anything big or small the first thing they research about the products. It’s a human tendency to trust and get more tilted towards the visuals of the product. The same thing goes for the real estate business.

Most of the potential buyers and renters go for the visual proof, and photographs of the property they are looking for. Hence, photography is an important tool in this field.

Why professional photography is more valued?

Professional photographers are masters of the angles, gradients, views, and editing that can turn any shot and image into a fabulous one. Hence, professional photographs are way more perfect than unprofessional casual ones. The professional photographs will automatically create a good impression on the potential renters and will immediately catch their eyes.

Whereas the drawback with normal photographs is that they are not as perfect as professional ones. Most of the time the dark and blurred picture will turn the table creating a bad impression on the renters. It even leaves a bad impact on luxurious items by making their charm look dull.

Where to hire a professional photographer?

A Destin Florida photographer is of great help when it comes to promoting rental properties. It’s the easiest and the best way to present the property in front of potential renters and buyers. In Destin, the best choice you can make for professional photography is SuttonB Photography. Here you’ll get several service packages starting for different purposes, starting from portrait-family to real estate-commercials. You will get the results within a week after the session.

Does professional photography worth it?

It’s a matter of concern when it comes to bearing the cost of having vacation rentals and fetching the profit from it. Especially this is the moment that makes you think, whether hiring a professional photographer is worthy or not. Well, let’s have a proper calculation to figure it out.

Let’s assume the one-night cost of the rental is $200. However, the amount that you’ll spend on professional photography is $400. To cover the photography cost you have to invest the booking cost for two nights.

However, professional photography will help you gain more rentals than usual. With professional photographs of your vacation rentals, you can easily get the attention of the renters, and hence your earnings will increase. By this, you can make a profit from professional photographs.

How to make photography be more successful?

As you are investing in professional photography, make sure to give your rental looks the best. Try to utilize all the sources that you have and try to show all the facilities available that the renters are looking for. Here are some of the extra works you can do:

  • Upgradation of the property: you can add some extra changes to your property for example in the decor of the rooms. So, that it will look more fascinating to your guests.

Also, don’t forget to keep everything up to date and fresh. Make sure to keep the towels fresh, and crisp bedding and make everything perfect.

  • Declutter: you can focus on the declutter and on other paintings and artwork to add extra charm to the interior décor of the room. Keep the furniture and all other stuff organized way. And provide essential space for guests so that they can even have gathered up with their family and friends.
  • Cleaning: it is a crucial thing to keep in mind. Make sure to keep everything neat and clean. So that the guest doesn’t even have to think twice about hygiene. You can hire professional cleaners for this work. With clean washrooms, it will be more suitable as a choice for the guests.
  • Lighting: make sure to provide good lighting to the room. You can use shutters and curtains. To give it a more mesmerizing look you can use fancy chandeliers and lights. Also, it will make the photographs of the room even more classy and beautiful.

What are the images to be included?

For the photography choose the locations carefully. It will give the exact and perfect shots of the rental rooms. You can add these images for better results:

  • Living room
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Floor plans
  • Outer view (add extra focus to the pools, hot tubs, and gardens)
  • Virtual tour

While taking photographs take the shots from the best angles so that they will represent the whole room and its features flawlessly. Also, keep the lighting perfect based on the shots you’re taking. For a virtual tour, you can use drones and take cinematic shots of the rental.

Photoshoot at Destin Florida

Destin is a beautiful city situated in the Gulf of Mexico and considered the World’s luckiest fishing village. With beaches with white sand, boats, seagulls, and dolphins heron, its beauty is breathtaking. Hence, a perfect place for photography. If you have ever been to Florida you can capture the sweet and beautiful moments with the perfect shots.

To enjoy the beauty of Destin, many tourists and foreigners visit here. And hence, the condos and rentals are quite great to work in. In Destin Florida real estate, you will get the number of real estate properties enlisted. And through Destin Florida.com, not only you will get the latest list of the listed vacation rentals and real estate, but you can also get all the updates on Destin including events, weather, and things you can do in Destin. You can also pre-book the rentals through this website.


Professional photography will not only help you gain the attention of the renters, but will greatly influence your rental business by accelerating your rental earnings. Not only for rentals it also plays a significant role in the benefits of the real estate agents as well. Hence, it is a great tool for vacation rentals. However, during photography make sure to keep the rentals well maintained so that the renters don’t have to think twice before hitting the bookings.