Who is Supposedly Most Prone to Pedestrian Accidents?

Over the past ten years, there has been a steady rise in pedestrian accidents across the country. Even though practically everyone walks at some time during the day, some groups are more inclined to do so and are, therefore, more susceptible to incidents involving pedestrians. Contacting a Philadelphia, PA pedestrian accident attorney is always advised. 

These at-risk groups

  • Kids

Because they do not have access to a vehicle, this age group walks more often than other age groups. Children’s smaller statures may make them less apparent to cars.

  • Older Individuals

Compared to other age groups, older adults tend to walk more. In addition, they frequently have a higher risk of suffering significant injuries in collisions and may experience more challenges healing.

  • Poverty-affected individuals

Poverty affects around 25% of Philadelphia residents. People with lesser incomes have fewer access to autos and may suffer financial hardships as a result of collisions.

  • Disabled or physically challenged people

Those who have certain cognitive or movement requirements are susceptible to suffering injuries in pedestrian accidents.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident?

The stakes are high if you or a beloved one has been hurt in a pedestrian accident. You will benefit significantly in the upcoming weeks and months if you know how to proceed and take the appropriate action. The following is advised:

  • Obtain Medical Attention.

Injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident might be mild or severe. In any accident, your health comes first. Suppose you require immediate medical assistance, dial 911. Even if you feel OK, it is recommended to seek medical attention because adrenaline can obscure some pain and injuries.

  • Speak with the police.

Make sure you report the event to the police in a formal manner. If you decide to later bring a personal injury lawsuit against the motorist, this report may be useful.

  • Ask the Driver and Eyewitnesses for Information.

Ask for the driver’s name, address, phone number, license plate number, and insurance information. Obtain the contact details of any witnesses who observed what happened as well.

  • Take Photographs/Collect Evidence.

Photographing the vehicle, stop signs, locations, and speed limit signs may help to prove your point.

  • Contact a lawyer.

A Philadelphia pedestrian accident attorney could help you during this trying time.

Where do most accidents take place?

There is constantly a higher chance of a pedestrian mishap in areas with significant pedestrian traffic. Because most pedestrians go to and fro transit stops, many of these collisions occur close to stations and stops. At intersections close to a transit station, pedestrian accidents and deaths are also more common.