What Your Maid Insurance Should Include

Turn away from the insurance you have now and choose the one that will guarantee more benefits and coverage. Enjoy special maid insurance from the top insurance agency around town and get all the special promotions and advantages you require. With just a few clicks on the website, you can now enjoy all the benefits right in the comfort of your home and get the papers delivered to you safely and securely. Let us take you on a tour of all the things you need to know about your maid insurance.

Get the Right Insurance for Your Foreign Domestic Worker?

When you hire someone as a foreign domestic worker or FDW, as the employer, you are supposed to purchase appropriate health insurance for him or her. It is your responsibility to take care of your helper’s medical expenses as well as their general well-being. Purchasing maid insurance is a compulsory government policy that protects individuals from losses related to non-work-related accidents and the domestic worker’s work. Several medical insurance agencies are available in Singapore that will provide you with a list of the different insurance plans covering a wide range, starting from the basic mandatory personal and medical accident to termination and theft protection.

Things The Maid Insurance Should Include

Different maid insurance plans provide different benefits and cover a wide range of areas. Listed below are some of the areas that the top plans include and why you must aim for these plans for your FDW-

  • Personal Accident: agencies that take up the health of your FDW as their own responsibility is what you are looking for.
  • Outpatient Medical and Dental Benefit
  • Hospitalisation benefits: You may receive up to 60,000 Singapore Dollars if your helper is hospitalised because of a critical illness or injury.
  • Maid Termination and re-Hiring Benefits
  • Offers on monthly health check-ups: almost every good quality insurance plan has a twice-a-month check-up or examination plan. With this added benefit, you get a chance to enjoy special rates at the best and most recommended clinics in the area.
  • Enhanced medical benefits: wherever Maid insurance is compulsory, the agency will know how much this plan would mean to you. So covering them against the recent COVID-19 pandemic and other infectious diseases such as dengue, HFMD, malaria, SARS, avian influenza, etc., will be provided. Free teleconsultation services may also be provided.

Choose the best plan today!

There are quite a few options available to you for the right insurance plan. While some of these cover only accidental death, hospital charges, medicines, disablements of any sorts and the likes, some advanced plans cover outpatient medical benefits, dental benefits, wages, and very reimbursements, his or her personal belongings, etc. Let us take a look at some of the plans we have seen-

  1. Basic package: this includes accidental death, medical expenses, permanent disablement, hospital charges and surgery, minimal and termination, and re-hiring expenses.
  2. Enhanced Plan: this includes coverage for the maid’s personal belongings, compensation for wages and levy reimbursement, outpatient medical and dental benefits, as well as all that comes under the basic package.
  3. Premier
  4. Exclusive

The premier and exclusive packages cover the same areas as the enhanced plan but provide more money for each of them. Greater insurance means there will be a greater allowance that the agency will pay for the FDW. These insurance plans will give constant support for annual health check-ups and screenings for complete protection. You must also keep in mind that you should never make these decisions hastily. You can find the best specialists in Singapore working at the top insurance agencies to guide you through this process. You are always free to take second opinions from the best experts, and this cost will also be taken upon by the insurance agency.

Why do you need Maid Insurance?

Maid insurance is one of the most important pieces of paper you will store with yourself carefully. Just like Critical illness health insurance, maid insurance is also available at different health insurance companies in Singapore, but looking at the different offers can get quite troublesome and irritable. Before we decide what all your maid insurance must include, let us take a look at why we need it in the first place?

  • When the helper or the FDW will live and work in your house, the proper maid insurance will provide you with adequate support for the maid’s expenses, whether it is related to the work or not.
  • It is a great way to save up money because most insurance companies allow you to claim quite a few of the expenses beyond the medical bills.
  • There are better and more key benefits that will allow you to get your hands on various financial savings on different dental and medical costs.
  • Get top-class customer service from the most experienced professionals in the field of health insurance.
  • Insurance agencies will come up with the best plans and packages for your easy and swift protection service for as long as you provide for the helper in your house.
  • Almost every package and plan given by most of the top agencies in Singapore are very affordable, and the coverages each offer are feasible.

Book the best maid health insurance plan today!

When you hire a maid or a helper, it is mandatory that you also purchase a suitable health insurance plan for him or her. Every foreign domestic worker or FDW must have one, and since it is on you to do so, take a thorough look at every plan available in the market and make sure to make the most attractive purchase possible! Allow your helper to work in peace with all their medical charges and expenses taken care of by you. With the most handsome rates and amazing health care facilities, there is no way you will not find the one that suits your needs the most!