Top 5 Fielders In The IPL For 2022 Season: Unsung Heroes

Given the amount of talent that is brought in from all over the globe, it should not come as a surprise that the Indian Premier League (IPL) yearly crowns several champions who were not expected to win. Every time they pull off a great catch, the cricket players put on a show-stopping performance of incredible athleticism. It would seem that the 15th season of the Indian Premier League included great deal more amazing catches.

According to DIAL4BET, teams have been able to gain an advantage regardless of how the pitch has performed thanks to the fielding factor. Regardless of how the pitch has behaved, teams have been able to gain an advantage thanks to the fielding factor. Given that cricket is a game played on razor’s edge, even a single run that is avoided may have a significant impact on the final score, especially in the shortest version of the game.

Players who have not yet developed to their full potential as batsmen or bowlers are taking wickets at an alarming rate. In this team sport, contributing may take many different forms, getting a run-out, making a catch in the slips, or preventing the opposing team from reaching the boundary. Find out which players were the most entertaining to watch on the field during the Indian Premier League 2022 by taking a look at their list of the top 10 fielders in the tournament.

Ranking top 5 fielders of IPL 2022

  • Manish Pandey (LSG) –

For the last several Indian Premier League seasons, Pandey’s performance has suffered a discernible decline. Even if his batting has unquestionably become worse, he is still considered to be among the best among professional fielders. Pandey hasn’t been a run producer for the Lucknow Super Giants this season, but he has made some fantastic saves for the team thus far.

He is known as a livewire both within the 30-yard circle and outside of it, beyond the boundary. While Abhishek Sharma was hitting a high-rise ball between mid-wicket and mid-on, Pandey, who was bowling for the Sunrisers Hyderabad, kept his focus fixed on the ball the whole time. Due to the impeccable reputation that preceded Manish Pandey, he had a little issue making the catch.

In addition, the veteran cricketer saved a few runs for his side in the last overs by taking a superb catch off Ravindra Jadeja, who was playing for Chennai Super Kings. This allowed his team to win by one run. His ability to play the field is apparent, but Pandey still has some work to do in terms of his hitting rhythm.

  • Suryakumar Yadav (MI) –

The hitter for the Mumbai Indians (MI) is not only dependable at the plate, but he also excels in the field. It didn’t matter if it was a single or a boundary; whenever he had the opportunity to stop a run from scoring, he gave it his all and did all he could. On the pitch, Suryakumar Yadav is so dependable that the management of India’s national team often places him in crucial positions.

Statistics from the IPL 2022: 2 catches in a total of 4 games, one of which resulted in the elimination of the captain of the Punjab Kings, Mayank Agarwal. Just beyond the midfield line, Yadav made a diving catch of the ball as it was flying in the air after being hit by Mayank. The event in which the 31-year-old effectively eliminated Faf du Plessis was another stroke of good luck for him.

His nimbleness has been on show throughout the game’s history, both outside of the play area and inside of the circle. This player, who was born and raised in Mumbai and is now 31 years old, has been an important cog in the wheel for the Mumbai franchise over the last five years.

  • Glenn Maxwell (RCB) –

Because he joined Royal Challengers Bangalore so late in the season, Maxwell only participated in three games during this campaign. In the past, he has shown both his batting form and his ability to perform well in the absence of AB de Villiers. In addition to this, Maxwell is notorious for his constant demonstration of naiveté which can only be described as blinder-plucking.

Throughout the whole of this season of the Indian Premier League, Maxwell had consistently shown off his exceptional fielding abilities. An incredible straight shot delivered by the Australian all-rounder resulted in the dismissal of Tilak Varma, who was batting for the Mumbai Indians. In addition to that, he already has this season pulled off a couple of incredible saves, one of which was within the cover and the other of which was on the boundary.

  • David Miller (GT) –

The amazing striking ability that David Miller has given him the nick moniker “Killer Miller.” The devastating power of the southpaw was on full show in the most recent match that Gujarat Titans played, which was against Delhi Capitals. While Miller’s batting has seen better days in recent years.

The veteran cricketer from South Africa has experienced a similar experience in the Indian Premier League 2022. After running a few yards to collect the ball, he then delivered a bullet pass that found Shivam Dube just outside of the penalty area that he was defending. And in the end, it turned out to be the determining factor as the match went down to the very last over, and Gujarat emerged victorious.

  • Kane Williamson (SRH) –

Williamson has a reputation that is well-deserved for retaining his composure in high-stakes situations. The consistently high quality of his hitting has often overshadowed his leadership.


Kane has already collected five catches in the IPL 2022, even though the tournament has only been going on for six matches. Williamson produced a fantastic grab at short cover during the game that they were playing against the Lucknow Super Giants, which allowed them to get rid of Quinton de Kock.