Things to do in Dubai at Low Budget: Visit Burj Al Arab Hotel

Burj Al Arab hotel is a very famous hotel in Dubai, famous for being not just only a hotel but a monument in itself. It is the most famous landmark which is sailboat-shaped like a silhouette emerging from the sea. It is the modern marvels of engineering and the most elegant property in the city. The hotel was opened in 1999 and declared itself as the world’s first seven-star hotel. However, there is no official rating as such but it’s excellent PR and Burj Al Arab tops the rating in every way possible.

The hotel is generally open only to the people staying however you can make yourself a reservation for the afternoon tea. Thus if you are not planning to stay at Burj Al Arab you can make yourself a reservation at any restaurant or for the afternoon tea. Find more Places to visit in Dubai for free in case you are planning to visit Dubai.

Afternoon Tea

You get a sky tea afternoon tea in Burj Al Arab on the 27th floor. There are multiple restaurants and bars where the afternoon tea can be enjoyed. All the offerings will be creative, delicious and unique. Anything you order will not disappoint you and you will be awestruck by the beauty of the cuisine.

The Tour

The first question that comes to mind of many people is that is it even possible to tour Burj Al Arab while having afternoon tea. When you visit for afternoon tea first of all you are greeted by the view of the lobby and there you will find some places that are open to visitors. You will be impressed by the entrance and the enormous gold pillars with dancing fountains. The lobby is so cool that it will be hard for you to leave the lobby. As it is truly said he Burj Al Arab is all about the breath-taking grandeur that you witness is there. Find skydiving in dubai price for some adventure.


The Royal Suite is one of the most expensive suites in the world and you will see so many flattering colours in the suite. There wasn’t much use of muted tones. The clock in the room is just a shadow clock projected onto the wall.

All in all the experience of staying at Burj Al Arab is unique and is irreplaceable and someone planning to go to Dubai must try it.