The Top Trends in Swimming Pool Design for 2023 

Swimming pools are more than a place to go for a refreshing dip – they’re a luxury and a centerpiece for outdoor living at their best. They’ve become an essential part of summertime entertainment, and their design has evolved to reflect this. Although we may not predict the future, we can at least look at the trends in pool design for 2023. Designers have managed to keep up with what people want from their swimming pools by focusing on key features and setting trends with style.

Swimming pools should be visually appealing, relaxing and functional, providing fun for your family, guests and children. The swimming pool builder should have a basic understanding of the current design trends . One of the most important things about a swimming pool is its aesthetics.

1. Material Combination

The trend mainly focuses on using different materials for different parts of the pool. A rock deck is used for the upper area of the swimming pool. This will not only bring texture to the site but also hide unwanted eyesores around the ground of your pool. The corners and transitions from one material to another should be beautifully designed and shaped to add character to your swimming pool. You can apply this trend by combining coatings like tile and stone with concrete.

2. Functionality

In 2023 swimming pools will be designed in a way that meets the needs of the users. The client wants a bigger swimming pool with a deck and seats. Most of the customers wish for a functional swimming pool. The latest designs take into consideration aesthetics and functionality at the same time. A combination of both these features helps in creating an eye-catching and attractive swimming pool space.

3. Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are nothing but natural rock pools. These swimming pools are designed with locally available rocks and stones that complement the surrounding area. Natural swimming pools blend into the surrounding area, making them more attractive than any other construction method. Nutrients in the water are reduced, thus preventing algae growth and keeping the water clean for a long time. Natural swimming pools are primarily designed in public areas that many people visit daily.

4. Water Sustainability

Water sustainability is the key to future designs. The increased population and urbanization will pose a threat to our water resources. Eco-friendly designers and engineers are proposing low-cost, low-impact, water-friendly options. New technologies have been developed to ensure water quality, reducing the need for public health measures. Water circulation systems are used in more pools and hot tubs to help with pool aesthetics.

The designers are continuously looking for new styles that can interest the customers. The overall trend is to have open swimming pools with large decks and furniture. Desert Springs Pools & Spas share the knowledge and provide the required swimming pool services. They provide swimming pool equipment and materials for commercial and residential purposes. They are known for their consistent quality, excellent customer service and superior craftsmanship.