The Life Behind the Lens

If you ever tell anyone about your photography profession, many people would assume that you have it pretty good and how exciting your life must be. When in reality, the parts that you really enjoy in your career only take up twenty percent of the work you have to do.

A small portion of your time will be focused on taking pictures, while the rest will be more towards the business side of things where you have to complete various tasks like content marketing, booking, editing, billing, and so much more. So whatever myth you have heard about photographers not having to worry about work is false.

The ideal way to understand a professional’s life behind the camera is to learn more about their work. Professional photographer Sam Yari is one of the few individuals who is continuously working on his career, creating new pictures all the time and spreading his views through his exceptional photographic work.

Initially, he had been working towards taking all kinds of pictures, but his work began to become heavily influenced by what he experienced in the Islamic Republic of Iran back in 2016. Through Operation Spider, many Iranian models and photographers had been arrested for their work, causing Yari to immigrate to Turkey and continue his photography work from there. After that, he founded the Sam Yari Studio, he began to photograph, develop and exhibit work that advocated for the liberation of artists in strict regimes.

Although his work may seem inspiring and noteworthy, there is actually a lot more going on behind the camera. Like any other professional, Yari has to work on many business-related matters so that his work can reach a larger audience and spread awareness of his cause.

Sending Emails

When you are working with other professionals, you need to go through the proper procedure and send emails about the work details and how you would like to collaborate with them to create stunning images. Emails can also be sent to models who you want to work with or companies that could use your services. Additionally, you also need to send in your portfolio so that they know that you are capable enough to do the work they are hoping for from you.


Yes, it is the photographer’s job to set up a certain time when everyone should meet up for work. It is important for you to pick ideal days where everyone for the photoshoot can meet up, and there will be times where you will need to contact several people and create a schedule that works for everyone.

Setting Up The Equipment

Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, setting up equipment is your job. The first thing you need to consider is a good space to place all your tools which means you need a wide-open space with good lighting, and for outdoor work, you need to make sure your photoshoot location does not bother the rest of the public.


Once the pictures have been taken, you then go to work on editing all the pictures you took. This process can be tiresome as you have to go through a ton of pictures that you need to delete or keep and then edit the one you have to perfection. And finally, the pictures become ready to be viewed by the world.

There is a lot going on behind making the perfect picture, and at times it can be very tiresome. But once you start seeing people being blown away by your work, all the effort you put into it finally seems worth it.