Read to Know How Can You Manage Dental Emergency Issues While Away from Home

Just imagine the scenario – you are on a vacation with your family when suddenly someone of you started getting a severe toothache or met an accident, as a result, knocked out his or her tooth or someone lost his or her crown.  Unfortunately, often it may be quite difficult to get emergency dental care if you happen to be away from home.

There is every chance that no emergency dentist near me is available, where you are holidaying, then how will you handle such a situation? So, in this post, we shall discuss a few ways to handle such emergencies that can happen with any of you.


In case you or any of your family members are having excessive tooth pain then you can do the following:

  • Clean and rinse the infected area of the mouth by usinglukewarm water
  • You can also floss properly and make sure that any small food particles or debris arenot struck particularly in between the different teeth. Usually, such things can worsen the toothache
  • If the above action does not resolve your problem then try to find an emergency dentist Cypress TX wherever you are located to consult.
  • Avoid taking any aspirin on your teeth or gums as it can burn the tissue rather try to find out any over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce pain
  • If the pain is due to extreme swelling, then try to find an emergency dentist immediately

After you are back home, you must consult your nearest dentist.


In case your tooth ever breaks or it becomes chipped or cracked, you will need immediate emergency care. However, if no emergency dentist is available nearby then visit a nearby hospital emergency room.

Collect in the meantime, all fragments of your affected tooth. The following are some of the things that you can do in different situations

If you have got a broken tooth then do the following:

  • Clean all the affected areas by using lukewarm water
  • Keep your tooth protected from certain high exposure to germs, air, or liquid and try to cover the entire area by using a sterile gauze
  • Try to decrease swelling by applyingon your faceany cold compress
  • Try to find any dental surgeon and consult him immediately

In case you have ended up knocking out your tooth then do the following:

  • Locate your tooth immediately. In case you fail to find it, then try to look inside the mouth to see whether that tooth has by chance not dug into the gums.
  • You can also rinse your knocked-out tooth by using water, but avoid scrubbing or cleaning it, and try to hold it only by the crown.
  • You must keep the tooth moist. Try to place the tooth into the socketback, but do not touchits root
  • In case you fail to place the tooth into the socket back, then put the tooth into your mouth in between your cheek and gums. You can also try to keep your tooth in milk if possible
  • You must go for any dental treatment immediately if you can

In case you have ended up with a cracked tooth

  • Clean all the affected area by using lukewarm water
  • Try to decrease swelling with the help of a cold compress and put it on the face
  • You must try to find any good dentist nearby as early as possible and consult him for  getting rid of your problem


In case you have lost a filling then you can do the following:

  • Place over-the-counter available dental cement in your cavity. You may also use chewed sugarless gum as a substitute.
  • In case your crown gets detached, then try to slip it again back over your tooth and try to use any temporary dental cement, denture adhesive, or even toothpaste to hold it properly in its place.
  • In case no emergency dental help is available at your location, then you may call any dentist in your home city or meet him when you are back home.


While traveling, it is not necessary that a dental emergency will always involve your natural teeth only. In case your dentures break or suddenly notice that they are not fitting, then never try to repair them all by yourself.

  • Look for any dentist in a nearby area who is able to do adjustments or minor repairs.
  • When you get back home then you must surely visit your own dentist
  • If the dentures are causing painful sores or irritationthen take either them out or try to stick to any soft food items until you are able to get them fixed.


While brushing your teeth if you see blood or during the day your gums are bleedingthen do the following:

  • Try cleaningyourteeth particularly in between with flossing or interdental brushes
  • Follow up with thorough toothbrushing and try to clean with certain fluoride toothpaste twice a day.

In all the above cases, it will be the best option to look for any dental emergency Cypress TX clinic nearby area. However, if no such facilities are available then with the above activities you can help yourself to a certain extent.