Read to Know About few Different Types of Golf Carts

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Now let us know what are the various types of golf carts that you can get in the market.

1.    Pushcarts

Nobody prefers to carry their bag all through a golf course, and always hiring a caddy is not an option. So then what must you do if the golf course where you are playing is not friendly to electric/gas golf carts? You can have pushcarts having three wheels..

2.    Pull carts

Pull carts are 2-wheeled models that can be easily dragged behind you. They are great for younger kids and new golfers who do not have enough clubs to carry. These carts are quite lightweight and hence very easy to bring to the course and also fold and reassemble later.

 3.      Gas carts

Usually, gas carts are a little more powerful as compared to electric as they have got engines similar to a car. Also, they are a bit noisier than electric carts too. They also need regular maintenance like your cars like changing, tire rotations, and also engine upkeep.

4.    Electric carts

These carts will be quiet on the golf course, and need little maintenance, and can save your money on repairs and gas. They use batteries for running an electric motor. When you plug your cart then the batteries are charged. Advanced models have solar panels on its roof.

5.    Diesel carts

Like gas carts, diesel carts are also noisy and create pollution. Few people prefer it because they offer better mileage and also provide more power on the golf course. This is also good if you are planning to go over the hills or traveling much longer distances.

6.    Remote-controlled golf carts

If you are not sure whether you have enough strength to push your cart on the hills then you may consider buying any remote-controlled golf cart option. These carts are usually powered by a battery that needs to be regularly charged while they are not in use.

7.    New carts

Any new golf carts can be a little costly and will start from $5000 onwards. But if you want to buy something new, then you can choose to pay just for the features that you prefer. However, if you buy a new cart then it will also come with a certain warranty.

8.    Used carts

You can easily get a used cart of reasonably good quality at around $2000 and up. Since their designs have not changed much over the last 10 years, hence no one will ever know that you have purchased a used model.