OEM vs OES vs Aftermarkets Parts – What is the Difference?

Whenever you have been in the market for new parts for your motorcycle, you’ll have possibly heard the terms OEM, OES and aftermarket at some point. When a person is searching for the highly reliable part or valuable part, it can be truly frustrating that such terms are not specifically friendly to the normal consumer, especially when the definitions are so related. In this guide, we will discuss OEM vs OES vs aftermarket parts and see how they are different from each other.

OEM Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM motorcycle parts are basically original and brand new. Some people choose to use best Affordable Bike Parts in order to keep their motorcycle running smoothly. Because they think that buying OEM parts are better as they come with a warranty, which makes them pay the additional cost. But buying OEM parts is not the only choice for many buyers are they are way more costly than any other parts. Because they are produced by the bike’s manufacturer, that doesn’t mean they are always superior. Even the top brands have had problems with quality.

OES Parts

OES stands for Original Equipment Supplier. An OES part is produced by a similar manufacturer that produces OEM parts found ins your motorcycle. OES makers have the required resources as well as equipment to develop best-in-class parts. The only way to save money is to eliminate the middleman. In this scenario, the automaker acts as a middleman. When you buy an OEM part directly from the dealer, you’re paying a markup only to have the automaker’s brand on the part. Typically, OES bike spare parts are bought through a distributor or wholesale and they are least expensive than OES parts.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket motorcycle parts are produced by third-party manufacturers that are not linked to the motorcycle brand. Aftermarket brands are easily available in the market. Several sellers stock them at their physical stores. Because some aftermarket replacement parts producers aim to improve the original design, the quality of aftermarket parts seems to be superior in comparison to the OEM version. However, aftermarket parts are, in general, affordable than OEM as they don’t have the brand name. Bike owners who want to customize their vehicles often choose aftermarket parts because they have wider varieties.

In a nutshell

No matter OEM carries branded parts that are expensive too and often not easily available. But, when it comes to OES and aftermarket parts, you can purchase them without a second thought. These parts are easily accessible, best affordable and have a good life.