Mule Shoes! Ever-green Trend in Fashion World

Wardrobe Fashion Presents Magnificent Mule Shoes on Discount

Mule is the only shoe style that rocks in all seasons. Whether you check the latest trends in fashion week or attend a wedding party, you will notice smart mules everywhere. Basically, mules neither carry back straps nor confine the wearer to specific heel. You can find low heel and high heel mules for casual, party wear and office use. Check the Wardrobe Fashion voucher code to get highest markdown on these popularly worn shoes.

Historic Evolution

Mule is not the contemporary trend. You can find the traces of these shoes even in the history. Till 16th century, these were used as bedroom slippers and people used to avoid wearing in public. At the end of 17th Century, French court well-off ladies started wearing mules to complement their ball gowns. In 20th century, the mule style reignited in form of open toes. Such shoes were worn with shift dresses and trousers with high waist. In the early 90s, the mules revived again with some changes. Apart from peep toes, kitten heel and pointed toes were introduced that grabbed the attention and acknowledged as the best shoe style.

Flat, Medium & High Heel Mules

These days, you can find a wide range of mules. If you need comfy shoes, check the flat mules in stunning colors and materials. To give maximum relief to wearer, soft faux fur mules are available in diversity of colors. These make the walk easy for the wearer. Flat mules are perfect for day and night use. In fact, these are so flexible and comfy that you do not want to wear any other style. Knot strap flat mules, crisscross rhinestone mules and round toe buckled mules are the best for flat shoe lovers. Use wardrobe fashion voucher code to receive up to 50% discount on these stylish mules.

Medium Heel mules are available in different prints, floral patterns, leather and fur. Oval heel single strap mules, peep toe block heel mules, kitten heel open toes mules and kitten heel pointed toes mules are the perfect pairs for summer and spring season. Even in cold days, you can carry the pointed toes braided mules or mesh nude pumps in medium and high heel with jeans, jumper and fishnets or denim jacket. These are absolutely perfect for cold and warm seasons. Quilted square toe high heel mules look fantastic not only with blazer and jeans outfit but also with sophisticated dresses. The fashion insiders of London and New York weeks love to wear mule shoes only. Even the Kuwait fashion is getting influenced by leather, faux pearl and satin mules.

One of the benefits of wearing mules is to get formal appearance when your ankles are free of straps and nasty laces. Free back makes these shoes easy to wear and take off. Moreover, you can choose the open toe mules and show the classy enamel and stylish rings as well. Whether you need a pair of high heels to wear with a skirt or stable low heel, mention wardrobe fashion voucher code for low-priced shopping.