Five Signs You Should Consider Finding a New Accountant in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If your business accountant is no longer responsive to the needs of your business, does not keep their promise, or is not acting professionally, you may want to consider finding a replacement. A great provider of accounting services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, does exceptional work and offers serious dedication to clients. Although you may try to keep the accountant for as long as you can, dragging an unreliable partnership will hurt your company down the road. The following are signs you may want to consider finding a new accountant to work with:

Your Current Accountant Does Not Know About Current Tax Laws

Accounting principles and tax laws are constantly changing. Such changes can impact your business operations. Your accountant should keep up with such changes; otherwise, they may make mistakes that can result in negative consequences for your business. The accountant may not be able to ensure tax compliance or fail to take advantage of available exemptions. When this happens, you might need to pay more than you should. 

They Don’t Communicate with Your Constantly

A great accountant should respond to you when you communicate with them. For instance, they should return your calls and set up meetings with you regularly to discuss the financial health of your business with you. Also, they must inform you of possible regulatory actions you could initiate. Otherwise, you should find a new accountant. 

They Do Not Plan Ahead

Tax preparation must be done all year round. Your accountant must work with you throughout the year to establish, execute, and keep track of an effective tax savings plan. However, if your accountant waits until April or May to start planning for your financial year, you should explore alternatives. A great accountant should plan for the financial future of your business.

They Don’t Give Guidance

As a business owner, you need a professional who can help you improve your company’s overall health. Apart from preparing your taxes, your accountant should provide you with valuable advice and recommendations. Such information should be able to help you make better financial decisions. A great accountant provides consulting services. But if your current accountant does otherwise, you may have limited options in terms of where to drive your business to gain profit. You need expert advice to ensure you take the right steps.

They Miss Deadlines

A great accountant is mindful of deadlines. If your accountant is missing important deadlines such as tax return filing and state disclosure forms filing, you should consider replacing them.