Five Forms of Preventive Dental Maintenance

 Preventive dentistry care’s objective is to help you escape common oral health issues so you can keep your smile healthy for life. Plaque is an invisible layer of microorganisms in the mouth that contributes to a number of dental health problems. Plaque adheres to your teeth and gums and uses the sugar it consumes to create an acid. Over time, this acid damages your gums and teeth and can solidify as plaque. The ability to maintain good dental hygiene at home and ensure that you visit your dentist for preventive treatment every six months exists. Luckily, there is a dental practice in Wichita Falls that can help you. 

The five various prophylactic dental procedures are listed below:

  1. Dental Hygiene

Plaque can be removed at home by regularly cleaning and polishing your teeth. Tartar removal, however, can only be done by a dentist. This is why visiting them for your regular dental treatment every six months is crucial.

  1. Oral Exams

In order for our dentist to inspect your jawbones and other deep dental tissues during your visit, we might take X-rays. This makes it possible to spot any minor problems before there is an opportunity to endanger your dental health. 

  1. Sealants for Teeth

An invisible plastic covering known as dental sealant is painted by a dentist on the chewing areas of your teeth (back teeth). There are no age limits for dental sealants, which are usually advised for young children. This implies that for adult customers who may require additional cavity protection, dentists are more than glad to provide dental sealants.

  1. Oral Cancer Examinations

In 2021, 54,010 Americans were expected to develop oral or tongue cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. If you do not already have one, you must get an oral cancer test at your next dental visit. 

Your chance of oral cancer will be impacted by a number of variables, including:

  • Alcohol Abuse and Smoking
  • Lips with Excessive Sun Exposure
  • Family History of Cancer and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

One could still get mouth cancer in their lifetime even if they do not have any of these risk factors.

  1. Mouthguards for Athletes

The highest degree of security is provided by a custom guard, not the generic mouth shields you can purchase at the athletic goods shop.

A bespoke sports mouth shield fits your particular tooth and gum shapes. Additionally, it softens the blow if you are struck in the face during a game or practice. An oral problem spoiling your season is the last thing you need.