Features Of A Ski Goggle

It is recommended to wear clear lenses for sunsets and at night as they have the highest VLT, allowing for the more conservative; it is even possible to have mirrored ski goggles in the best aviator style. Just remember to take it out at the time of the hot chocolate not to draw so much attention. Here are what to pay attention to:

Ski goggles have different color lenses with different characteristics

Key Features Of Your Ski Goggles

Regardless of the protective factors, other points deserve your attention when buying a ski goggle. Chief among them is perhaps the presence of anti-fog technologies: few things can be worse for a skier or snowboarder than a pair of ski goggles that impair vision. Some lenses receive special chemical treatment to be less prone to fogging; other models have small slits that help air circulation reduce this risk. The accessory’s protective foam and fit also weigh heavily on this aspect, as the ski goggles must be securely attached to the face to prevent the warm breath air from entering.

Still, on the fit of the piece, choose a snow goggle that has a good fit on your face but also with your helmet. The two accessories must be proportionally sized, and they need to be very firm to avoid scares during the descents. Good elastic straps help you find the perfect fit to keep your ski goggles secure without putting pressure on your temples or the tip of your nose.

Goggles For Skiing

When putting on the ski goggles, pay attention: they must fit snugly on your face. Skiing or snowboarding, whatever: snow goggles are all the same. Finally, it is worth remembering that although there are differences between skiers and snowboarder’s equipment, this is not the case with goggles. The characteristics choose the model, not the sport. Different lens shapes bring differences to the pieces, some being “flat” and others curved. Flat lenses protect the eyes less from glare and tend to reduce depth perception a little. Curves increase peripheral vision and reduce the chance of blurring.