Everything to know about determining fault in a car accident in LA

Are you a car accident victim in Las Vegas? As per the state law in Nevada, the at-fault party has to pay compensation to the victim. Sometimes, finding who caused the accident is hard, and there will be a dispute. 

Read more to find out the different ways of determining fault in a car accident. 

Determine fault through the point of impact 

You can classify car accidents depending on the point of impact. For instance, in a rear-end collision, the rear car hits the one in the front. So, the point of impact will be on the back of the front car and the back car’s bumper. 

Similarly, in a T-bone collision, the side of the impacted car and the front of the hitting car will be damaged. So, by identifying the damaged part, you can detect the at-fault party.

Other means of detecting at-fault driver

A witness statement is a piece of permissible evidence in court to prove who is at fault.

Some injuries can help identify the direction of impact, and an investigator can deduce who might be at fault. 

Videotapes are another set of solid evidence that can help identify the driver who caused the accident. 

How can an attorney help with evidence collection?

Winning an accident claim depends on how effectively the victim can prove innocence. An experienced attorney can collect the necessary evidence to prove the fault of the contesting party and get compensation for the victim. One has to act fast as the specificity of the evidence will reduce with time. 

Ideally, right after the accident, priority is given to the injured. After tending medical attention to those involved, you should try collecting eyewitnesses to the incident. Then, you can start looking for an attorney to handle your case. 

If you are aware of how to establish the fault of the other person, then you can be of help to the attorney. You can provide crucial inputs like the point of impact, tire marks on the road, time of the accident, etc.

Final Takeaways 

As per Nevada laws, the at-fault party has to bear the damage compensation in proportion to the fault. 

As a victim, you have to establish the fault of the negligent driver to get the settlement. 

You should consult an attorney today itself to know more about your legal options and remedies since evidence can be destroyed and tampered with.