Digital advertising in CBD products: how it works?

Digital advertising has many branches. Here is the most important Guide to CBD marketing in order of relevance to you –

  • Web + blog
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook groups
  • Fan page
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

If we already have a good logo and some photos, it is time to get your social digital platforms ready to create content. 

Google Business

To create a Google My Business account you need to have a validated Gmail email. Once created, you just have to follow these simple steps. This is very important so that they can locate you on the map of your locality. We suggest adding all your information, opening hours, photos of your products, your staff, facilities, etc. 


It is mandatory to have a modern web page, one of the best options for CBD promotions, which can be seen very well on cell phones as well as on laptops. It is important to hire a good professional to put together a good website on the outside and inside, this will allow you to position yourself correctly in Google.

Social networks

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. – make sure you have a good design for these platforms. A good profile and cover photo, the information correctly filled out, photos of you, your team, explanatory videos, etc. It is important that your social networks look very professional, that they follow a single graphic line, and above all that, when you invite other people to follow you, they find good content from you that motivates them to stay.

Traditional Advertising

We live in a digital world, yes. Nevertheless, that does not mean that we abandon traditional advertising. In traditional advertising, there is no such restriction of CBD product promotion. Especially if most of our audience is local. Newspapers, magazines, events, activations, sponsorships, etc. – all are valid means to launch our advertising, but of course, it all depends on our budget. 

Plan marketing cannabis

No plan works without goals, strategies and budget. Let us go over a few key points for you:

Definition of my product

What do I sell and what do I do better than anyone else does?

My target audience

Whom do I want to take my services? Where do I locate them geographically? What places do they frequent? What social networks do they use? What news outlets do they watch?

My competition

What is my competition doing? What can I imitate? What can I do better?

Objectives and measurement

What goals do I want for the next year?

Here it is important to do an analysis. If we do not have prior information, it is relevant to start measuring right away.