Choose the finest Raven and Beast Boy Costume for the cosplay

Get dressed up as Beastboy, a member of the Teen Titans squad who is easily recognisable by his distinctive outfit. He is a fictional creation featured in DC Comics tales. He worked for the Doom Patrol and was one of its members. Having been bitten by a monkey as a young Titan, he became infected with Sakutia. His geneticist parents gave him a brand new serum to try and save him. However, as a negative side effect, his entire body turned green.

He joined the Doom Patrol after the deaths of his parents. He had to cut ties with his surrogate family and make his way to Jump City as a result of the gang leader’s actions. There, he met Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Robin, and together they founded a group they called the Teen Titans.

Beastboy’s Cosplay Garb

You can’t just dress up like Beastboy and expect people to take you seriously; you have to adopt his fighting style as well. However, you cannot benefit from its shape-shifting abilities. You can imitate his emerald skin tone by spraying your hair green; just make sure the spray washes away easily. A unique Beastboy shirt is now for sale in shops and on the web, so finding one shouldn’t be too tough. Below, black compression long sleeves are paired with grey gloves for added hand protection. Black shoes and slacks with purple details will finish off the look. Slacks should be skintight, and purple details should be added to the footwear.

Superb Raven Getup

Take on the persona of Raven, a main character from the hit Cartoon Network show Teen Titans. Half-Azarathian and half-demon, Raven is a monstrous hybrid. Cosplay as one of the five founding members of the DC Comics animated superhero squad. Wear a Turtleneck and a Purple Raven Wig.

Wear a pair of Mid-Calf Pocket Boots, a Turtleneck Long-Sleeve Leotard, a pair of 80 Denier Semi Opaque Tights, a Purple Hooded Cloak, and a Purple Raven Wig to complete your character’s look. The whole Raven cosplay outfit include a Crystal Bindi Pack, a Historical Gold poloshed Rivoli Pendant Link, a Chain with 5 Stones Bib Statement Necklace, a Historical Gold polished Circle Flat Tag Pendant Link, and semi Grey color Face Paint.

Raven’s Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for a mysterious and sinister persona to play at this year’s conventions, you might want to think about donning a Raven and Beast Boy Costume of Teen Titans’ Raven. Playing this well-known character is a lot of fun, especially if you wear fully in black and give your hair a glossy lavender finish. Likely, you already have most of what you need to dress like her in your closet. You can carefully order or reproduce her accoutrements if need be, and a satin sheet in a deep purple colour could pass as a cloak if you’re determined to do everything yourself. Raven’s birthmark could be faked with some stick-on stones from the craft department of the store.

The Teen Titans cast includes at least four extra characters you could dress up as a group if you so choose. Because of this, cosplayers who want to portray the Teen Titans have a lot of options. Raven’s close friendship with the chill Beast Boy makes them a great pairing. There are also Cyborg, Starfire, and the group’s commander, Robin, in her collection; this would make up the full original roster of the Teen Titans.

For the time being, Raven is overjoyed to continue tormenting Beast Boy with her sarcasm, and Beast Boy is happy to repay her attention with his chill attitude and eagerness to make Raven laugh.