9 Amenities That Hotels Offer For a Happy and Comfortable Stay

Traveling is the best stress buster. People love to take a day or a week off from their work to spend some time with their loved ones. Today’s lifestyle has become so hectic and irritating that people don’t have time to spend with their loved ones. Work pressure, meetings, and deadlines take all the time. People can’t spend some moments with their family because of workload. It’s crucial to have a vacation from work and spend some time with your loved ones.

Traveling can make you feel refreshed. Going on a vacation is exciting but planning a vacation is a difficult task. People have to keep numerous things in mind before finalizing the location and hotel. Finding a good hotel within budget is not easy. Though it’s easy to find a good hotel in tourist-friendly areas. Pushkar is one of the best tourist locations in Rajasthan, so there are many top hotels in Pushkar. Let’s have a look at the basic amenities provided by hotels.

  • Breakfast and Wi-Fi:-The facility of breakfast and Wi-Fi provided by hotels is included in the price of the room. Hotels provide you with a breakfast buffet that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. To make your breakfast authentic, hotels provide you with regional food items also. You have to eat your breakfast within the time frame. Hotels provide the facility of room service 24×7. You can order anything from the menu at any hour of the day. Hotels provide you with free Wi-Fi. Meeting rooms are also available in the hotels. You can sit and have a formal meeting with your clients. The meeting room has separate Wi-Fi for avoiding any disturbance. You can have online or in-person meetings.
  • Mobile check-in:-Technology has taken control over every sector. Every sector is accepting the latest technology. The hotel industry is most affected by technology. Many changes can be seen after the introduction of technology in the hotel industry. The technology adopted by hotels is beneficial for both clients and hotels. Mobile check-in is the best thing that technology has given. People can book their hotels in advance. Clients can check in through their mobile phones. You need to scan the QR code for check-in at the hotel. People will receive all the information related to their booking on a registered mobile number.
  • Toiletries:-All hotels, regardless of the price range, provide you with basic toiletries. The hotel may offer you a starter set of toiletries to make your stay more comfortable. Basic toiletries are packaged and wrapped in elegant and appealing ways in 5-star hotels. When you walk into your room, you will immediately detect a lovely aura around you. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, and a toothbrush are among the essential items in the kit. You have the option of self-grooming at many five-star hotels. Men might ask for a shaving kit in the hotel in case you have forgotten. Many hotels provide you with robes and slippers. Every room has a coffee maker, and various varieties of coffee.
  • Banquet Halls:-Hotel banquet halls are a standard feature. In hotels of every price range, banquet halls can be found. For any type of celebration or occasion, clients have access to these banquet halls. Any event can be planned in these halls, including birthday celebrations, receptions, and others. Access to the play area is also provided, allowing you to amuse yourself, play games, and have fun. These halls can be used for large or small gatherings. The hotel is responsible for all the arrangements of the function.
  • Fitness Centre:-Health awareness has increased among people. These days, individuals are so bonded to their gym that even on vacation, they won’t miss it. Going to the gym and working out is enjoyable. For many people, going to the gym and working out is a calm and fulfilling experience. Many hotels have fitness centres installed with the latest technology. Gym freaks are strict with their diet. Hotels provide special menus for those who love to work out. Everything on the menu that gym junkies adore will be available to you.


  • Restaurants: –Hotels provide you with the facility of in-built restaurants. These restaurants can be used as meeting rooms or for chilling. People can sit and have fun with their friends. They can enjoy board games in these restaurants. These restaurants are built for people who come for business meetings. Restaurants have separate Wi-Fi facilities. These types of restaurants are in the corner of the hotel so you can enjoy the peace and beautiful view.
  • In-Room Cocktail: –Luxury hotels provide you with the facility of in-room bars. You can have access to the drinks available in that bar. These bars have some amazing quality wine and other drinks. You can also find some famous local drinks in this bar. You can have these drinks at any hour of the day. A special booklet is provided that helps you in making some famous local drinks.
  • Room Service: –Hotels provide you with the facility of 24×7 room service. You can ask for anything at any hour of the day. It helps you in making your stay comfortable. You can get your food delivered to your room. The person appointed as room server looks after every single demand. You can rate the hotel based on room service provided by them.
  • GuidedTours: –History and culture may be found everywhere. The only thing that sets one place apart from another is its history and culture. People travel to gain knowledge and experience our culture. People are curious to learn about the location’s past and culture. Foreigners travel to India to learn about our history and culture. The core of many places’ histories and cultures is still present. You may explore more of the city by strolling through the neighbourhood streets. You can take help from the locals or guides to know about the city. Locals can explain to you in a better way about the city. Additionally, hotels offer a few trinkets unique to that location. Hotels can provide you with guide who will assist you during your sightseeing visit.

These are the basic amenities provided by hotels. The quality of services among hotels according to the price. You can look for hotels in Pushkar online.