6 Reasons Why Writing Competition is good for Writers 


To build an exceptional career in writing, professionals must enhance their competence. Publishers and agents are interested in highly talented writers. Hence, every available expert is fighting for their attention. That reveals why this profession is competitive. To develop your expertise, participate in a writing contest. Listed are reasons why it is good for writers.

Professional Skills 

The objective of writing contests is to find a gifted writer amongst the competitors. The judges will consider the creativity, skills, and general competence of all contestants. They will also share feedback with participants after reading their work. Their response will assist in improving and developing the skills of the writers. By following the judge’s advice, their writing abilities will improve.


To succeed in the writing profession, the experts must learn to work within deadlines. Without this discipline, you will not get recognition in this industry. Most writers take a long time to finish their work. That is because they write whenever they feel inspired. The writing competitions will break that tendency because entries must be submitted before the deadline. That makes writers time-conscious.


To reach the highest level in your profession, you will need people. Some of the contacts the writers need are unreachable. That is because they only deal with established professionals and talented newbies. To grasp their attention, prove you are worth their time. The writing contest will give you that chance. After winning, you can network with these folks and exchange contacts.

Free Advertising

Competition organizers are interested in attracting a large audience. That will make their event attractive to sponsors, who are desire to advertise their brands. To get the attention of readers and writers, organizers will use the available media platforms. They will publish the winners of the writing contests in renowned magazines too. That is free advertising for winning contestants.  


The writing profession has numerous challenges. That makes building a successful career an uphill task. That explains why very few writers have managed to establish their careers. To focus on developing their profession, the experts need motivation. Fortunately, the writing competitions can inspire them. The contests give them a platform to gauge their competence and learn.

Many writers have managed to create a path in the writing profession via the contests too. After winning, they got endorsements for publishing deals and a large audience that buys and reads their work.