What’s the estimated cost of building a data center? 

Data centers can be big or small, but you need to ask yourself a question first. Are you willing to invest in building a data center? If yes, you can read the whole post as we have done some groundwork for you. 

The idea of building a data center is lucrative for sure, but you can’t just wake up and decide to build something. You need an architect, and for that, you can check out Stendel Reich architecture for data centers. 

Let’s dive into the article and find out the estimated cost of building a data center. 

What purpose does a data center solve? 

Data centers help big companies meet IT requirements. We live in a technologically advanced world, so there’s always going to be a need for data centers. Technically, the business is future-proof, but it also depends on the kind of data center you are building. 

Is it scalable and future-proof? You need to build something that’s solid and continues to meet the IT requirements of big companies. 

Data centers are the keepers of data backup and recovery. These data centers host websites and manage instant messaging, and emails. Well, that’s a lot of work, but it is a tough task to handle a data center. 

The Cost of Building a Data Center: What You Need to Know 

So, there are several factors that would determine the cost of the data center. 

Firstly, there will be upfront planning and designing. You must get in touch with an architect and give a brief of what you need. It could be a smaller data center or something bigger. The architect will ensure that the design matches the briefing. You could get in touch with Stendel Reich – they have built data centers in Canada. 

There are legal obligations as well. Besides this, you need to find a location that is ideal for your data center. 

Then, you have to ensure that your data center has the infrastructure. It should have all the mechanical equipment such as air conditioning units, electrical equipment, and refrigeration loops. 

Hold that thought! The greatest expenditure is the power. It would be about 70 to 80 percent of the total cost, so be sure that you have enough money to set aside for power. 

Data centers would also need staffing. You need people to look after the facility even if you aren’t around. 

Concluding Thoughts

100,000 square feet is more or less the standard size of a data center. You can get in touch with architecture and start with a design. 

It’s not easy to give a ballpark figure here because every data center is different and there are various types too. Expect to shell out $250 million to $600 million to build a data center. For everything else, you can ask the professionals like the contractors and the architect about how much it will cost you.