Were You or a Loved one Injured in a Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale? Find Out How an Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Can Help You.

Popular attractions in Ft. Lauderdale such as the Everglades airboat tour, and the Las Olas Boulevard shopping attract visitors from all over the country. However, our city is also known for its congested streets, and high rate of car accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians.

Despite individuals’ belief that their accident was minor, accident victims in Fort Lauderdale show that they are still entitled to compensation. Therefore, we advise anyone hurt in a car accident to contact an accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

What Am I Entitled to in a Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

Economic Damages

  • Current and future medical costs,
  • Car and/or property repair,
  • lost wages,

Non-economic Damages

  • Pain and suffering, psychological trauma, loss of consortium, and decreased life quality are examples of non-economic damages. Families can also recover funeral expenses as regarding the death of a loved one caused by a fatal accident. This would be achievable by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Why Hire a Fort Lauderdale Accident Attorney?

Legal Representation

  • Without legal representation, you’ll have to advocate for yourself or family members against your insurance company. While you are a customer of your insurance company, they are not compensated for safeguarding your interest.
  • You cannot depend on your insurance company because only an accident attorney can give you legal representation while safeguarding your interests. Insurance companies are businesses, and protecting their bottom line will always be their top priority.


  • Personal injury attorneys know the process of personal injury claims by heart, from start to end. They will make sure everything is done accordingly so you can get properly compensated.
  • A Fort Lauderdale personal injury claims and court procedures are full of complexities that only an accident lawyer is prepared to understand. You may lose your right to make an informed decision if you don’t fully comprehend what is presented to you.
  • Accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are aware of the tactics used by insurance companies to reduce your settlement. As a result, they will make sure that you receive the monetary settlement you’re entitled to.

Fair Settlement

  • The insurance company is unlikely to give you a fair settlement. Most insurance companies will do anything possible for you to not recover compensation. We aren’t just talking about the other party’s insurance company.
  • Yours will do the same in order to save money, even if it means throwing you under the bus. A South Florida personal injury attorney, on the other hand, will fight for the best possible settlement.

What Are The Most Common Causes of A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Failure to Stay in the Right Lane

  • Some drivers who struggle with anger management, may become enraged on the road. These drivers can make dangerous decisions while driving, leading to severe auto accidents.


  • Speeding is most common in rural areas because of straight, long roads with little traffic. There is often a shortage of law enforcement officers in large rural areas to enforce safe driving regulations. Urban roads, on the other hand, are frequently congested, making it more difficult to speed as frequently as one might in rural areas. However, because of heavy traffic, car accidents occur frequently in urban areas, as well.
  • Teen drivers are known for speeding. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), teen drivers are more likely to speed.

Unfavorable Weather

  • Bad weather is another common cause of fatal traffic accidents. Rain-slicked roads claim the lives of many motorists in the majority of states, especially when the wind is involved.
  • In the midwest, snow is the main cause for fatal accidents in the roads.
  • Driving in the fog, however, is most dangerous for the southern states and those along the coasts.

Alcohol and Fatigue

  • Alcohol was found to be a factor in over 40% of all fatal car accidents, according to the NHTSA. A motorist’s reaction time is slowed, vision is impaired, and is unable to make good decisions after consuming alcohol. Similarly, fatigue impairs reaction time and increases the likelihood of a driver missing a traffic signal or losing control of their vehicle.

Obtain Remarkable Legal Representation!

If you have been injured in an accident, an experienced auto attorney in Fort Lauderdale will make sure that you receive medical attention.

Accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale are dedicated to delivering fair compensation for your injuries. So contact an experienced accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale today!