Ways to make sure that a mover is not a fraud

With the rising population, people have been looking for new homes and neighborhoods. They seek help from a professional moving company but some moving companies are not that reliable. Such moving companies are nothing but frauds that prey on individuals and families by duping them. Either they charge an overly excessive amount or just don’t mention their hidden charges. If the customer refuses to pay any extra charges, they hold their belongings hostage and demand the money in exchange. However, if you’re aware of some tips and facts, you can easily hire a genuine moving company.

They have a website

While looking for the best available movers in Toronto or anywhere else, make sure the mover you’re hiring has a website. If you don’t find the company online, consider it a red flag and immediately cancel any deals that you’ve already made. If any of the crew members visit your house and you observe that there’s no ID and no uniform, it is a clear sign that the mover is not authentic. Don’t fully rely on online moving companies, make sure that they have a physical office too before you book them.

Request a free estimate

As you begin contacting the best movers in your area, ask for a moving estimate from each of them. An estimate is just an approximate amount of charges that a mover may ask by looking at your belongings once. Avoid the ones that charge for making a visit and giving you an estimate. A genuine mover never charges to give a moving estimate, so hire only the one that comes to your place and offers you a free estimate.

Registration number

Before hiring any mover, make sure that the company is registered. If a company claims that it is registered under the companies act, you can ask for the registration number. If the professional refuses to show you the registration number or tells you to remind him or her later, switch to another option. Some companies claim that they’re well-experienced and know the area well to lure their customers. You can ask for their GST registration number to confirm the same.

Avoid paying money in advance

An authentic moving company near you will never ask for a large amount in advance as a booking amount. Avoid contacting such hiring movers as they can dupe you for money. A genuine mover gives you an estimate first and then mentions every single detail of the cost on the contract given by the mover. Also, make sure that you’re paying the amount in favor of the company’s name.

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