Types of Dangerous Conditions on a Property That Can Cause a Personal Injury Lawsuit

While the number of dangerous conditions in a house can be innumerable, there are some situations where the government might provide permission. In most premise cases, if the person is hurt on private property, the property owner is responsible for causing the injury. 

However, depending on your state, the laws of a personal injury lawsuit can differ. Some states consider whether the property is used for personal or business reasons. 

If you are wondering if your property can be a risk to someone’s life or might cause an injury to someone, contact an Ontario, CA personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will help you figure out whether a particular development in your property can be safe or not and explore some new options. 

Nevertheless, here are the types of dangerous conditions that can cause a personal injury case against you in something goes wrong. 

Types of dangerous conditions on a property 

  • Stairs or steps 

Staircases are one of the most common reasons for causing an injury to a person. Even though small trips or slips do not make stairs a dangerous condition for any house, you must keep a check on certain things. However, a simple mistake while establishing them, like not providing a proper handle for support or a door leading to a sudden low to the garage, are some reasons for which the owner can be held responsible. 

  • Swimming pool 

While swimming pools do not directly fall under the dangerous conditions criteria, several child deaths happen due to them every year. Under special conditions, a swimming pool might be hazardous, and the owner will be held responsible for the child’s death. For example, if the pool has an unusual or extraordinary appearance that is attractive to children, or the pool is easily accessible to small children.

  • Glass doors 

Glass is quite common and is present in most houses. So in a guest comes over and injures themselves by walking into it, the owner might not be responsible for the negligence. However, suppose it is placed in an unexpected location where it is generally not expected, and the guest is hurt. In that case, the owner might be liable for some injuries and damage. 

Depending on the requirement of your property, whether it is for personal or business purposes, the rules for your ambiance are set by the law. Business property has much stricter regulations and less flexibility than personal property, as the owner has to keep the safety of the property at the top for serval visitors.