Top 5 Budget Urban Cities to Live in India

India is a land of mystics and there are many places that people would want to live in. While each place has its unique beauty and some addition to the life of the individual, there are a few urban cities that are preferred due to the living cost and the access to advanced infrastructure. These three Indian cities are some of the cheapest places to live in the world.

Cheapest does not always mean that you have to compromise on your lifestyle. You may find suitable areas in these places as well.


Also, known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the technological capital and a home for IT companies. Due to this reason, it invites many people to come and work. Being home for dreamy entrepreneurs of the company many people are living in Bangalore most of whom are young professionals. The place is full of nightlife, traffic and a new culture. Pg accommodation can be found starting from 5500 and can go up to individual rent of 10 to 20k. Local food is cheap and great and one would accommodate the taste of this food soon. Get a liable pg in Hinjewadi for your needs in case you want to shift to a place with good weather.


Hyderabad is known as the city of Nizams and has a booming IT sector and the famous Biryani. Considered as one of the safest cities in the country, Hyderabad is home to many people migrating in search of a job or for study. Indian Air Force Academy among many others have made their base at this place which is also a crowd puller.


Mumbai is one the oldest city in India and is financial capital brimming with metropolis life. Mainly known for the Bollywood industry a city is a dream place for many. Apart from Bollywood, the city is also known for its stock exchange market that operates regularly. Climate is suitable and the rainy season for people can be tough when the streets are flooded all the time. Find the best pg in Pune in case you are looking for an escape from the rush of Mumbai.


Chennai is home to the largest urban beach in India and is known to reflect the culture of South India to many people migrating from north India mainly due to the IT sector. Also, it is known for good education and cheap medical facilities available for many people.