The reasons why fantasy cricket app is good for cricket knowledge

Fantasy apps have for the last few years changed the game quite significantly. There is nothing doubting the impact it has had on the cricketing culture. For the coming generation, we can see the fantasy apps having the same impact on cricket that the likes of bet365 have had on the game of football.

Cricket is a game as they say of glorious uncertainties because there are so many factors which impact the game. There are so many factors such as pitch conditions, overhead conditions, size of the boundaries, temperature and everything else which has such an impact on the strategy the teams take up in this game. All of them have a direct impact on the team and the player performance.

The teams also select their players on the basis of home and away form. Anything and everything under the sun can have a potential impact on how the players perform.

Now, when it comes to the player performances as per the fantasy apps, those looking for free cricket betting tips will now be looking to analyze the performances of their players according to the conditions and also form.

Form in cricket becomes a very important factor. There are players who maybe greats of the game but end up performing bad in your fantasy teams because they are not in form. For is basically a string of recent scores where the batsman has scored or the wickets that a batsman has taken in the recent games. While it is an intangible, form can be attributed to a few factors. Taking for example, the form of Virat Kohli in the recent England series. Virat is no doubt a class batsman, but his performances weren’t quite up to the mark in English conditions and he was found wanting against the swinging ball particularly outside the off stump when the likes of Ollie Robinson and James Anderson took the ball away from him. On the contrary, Rohit Sharma who doesn’t quite have the record that Virat has in the test match arena was extremely successful as a test match opener in the English conditions because he had form on his side and also had a lot of things going for him with the way he could adjust to the English conditions.

Now if a fantasy player just looked at the record of both these players, he would select Virat over Rohit but doing a deeper analysis would make him more successful as he would pick Rohit as the captain in the team and score points left, right and center.

This is where playing fantasy cricket will get you points and money consequently and there is therefore a need to become more knowledge of cricket.

Some of the factors which could really impact your decision can be whether the game is being played away from home or it is a home series. Cricketers usually do better in home conditions as they are born and brought up on those kind of pitches for the entirety of their careers. Batsmen in India know how to play spin better than how they would play fast bowling and the batsmen in Australia know how to play well on bouncy pitches a lot more than they know how to play on spinning tracks. So, if Australia are on a tour to India, it is highly likely that they would struggle against the likes of R. Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. It will help you select Jadeja or Ashwin over let’s say a Travis Head or a Mitchell Marsh. This is how your cricket knowledge keeps improving.