The Complete Nangs Guide

Nangs is a slang word for nitrous oxide, an anesthetic that has been used for over a century. Most people consider it a laughing gas, and it is mixed with oxygen and inhaled in the medical setup via a small mask that covers your nose. Nangs help people relax in surgeries that do not need a general anesthetic like minor dental surgery or childbirth. 

Below we discuss the complete Nangs guide and how to have your Nangs Delivered. 

Nitrous oxide is a versatile gas that has been used in medicine and dentistry as an anesthetic. The word “Nang” was deprived from the distortion sound users hear when experiencing the ‘high.’ These distortions are heard in quick repetition. 

What are Nangs?

Nangs are tiny cylindrical bulbs filled with nitrous oxide and are used to charge creams. They entail nitrous that provides a ‘high’ feeling that lasts around thirty minutes. Their nature as a food-grade product means they are legal and increasingly becoming more popular. 

Nangs give users an intense euphoria and lightheadedness feeling for a short period. The user also feels relaxed, dizzy, and giddy after taking these products. Most users take many Nangs in a single sitting, but the high is almost the same for all individual users. 

Users do not experience a ‘come down’ as with most party drugs. They are back to their normal state within a few minutes. These products’ availability and low cost make the drug of choice for many people. 

Though nitrous oxide is mainly used safely under strict conditions, it has its downsides. Users can experience adverse effects by overdosing. The dissociation and loss of motor control are appealing to the user at first but can cause issues later. 

Nitrous oxide is also highly addictive, mainly due to its short highness period. The gas is pure and lacks toxins, but a study has associated it with vitamin B12 deficiency. It can also cause loss of blood pressure when used without the addition of oxygen and in high doses. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Nangs

Below we discuss the top factors you should consider before buying Nangs;

  • Budget

Buying these products for the first time should not be a problem, but you should consider your budget. It would help if you did not pressure yourself into buying an expensive cream since you can get quality at affordable rates. 

The average cream goes for $25-$80, and the price range is due to additional features. 

  • Size

Size is an important consideration before buying Nangs. Their canisters are available in different sizes, and all are budget-friendly. The canister’s grip is also essential; you should go for the narrow designs. 

Nang sites are also available online; you should research thoroughly before ordering. Most sites will deliver the product to your doorstep at affordable rates. It is also possible to order Nang’s in bulk, and these companies operate 24/7.

Final Thoughts

Nangs are slang terms for nitrous oxide, and their use has skyrocketed recently. The above article has discussed all you need to know about them, and you can reach out for more information.