Style Yourself With Different Type Of Tops Available For Women.

If you notice the wardrobe of women in history you would agree that it is based on elaborate clothing line. Choking corsets, heavy dresses, and delicate laces were not the right costume for women who were working. In the year 1920, a few groups f working women introduced boyish attire like shirts and trousers.

Shirts that women wore were great as a covering for the upper body that was comfortable for them to wear. Since then the boring shirts of men have come a long way with fine cuts, styles, prints, and designs.

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Here is a list of features that are present in Women’s shirts:

  • Women’s shirts were designed for formal, resort wear, and casual wear.
  • The dress shirt as formal wear was made with double-ply or tuxedos style materials that get a professional look. They also have collars and full sleeves along with cuffs.
  • Most of the shirts made for women do not have pockets on the chest or they may have only one.
  • These shirts have a waistline that compliments the curves on the body of every woman.
  • The shirts for ladies have many options for their sleeves like sleeveless, full sleeves, three-fourth sleeves, cap sleeves, and bell sleeves.
  • There are bold prints for shirts that are made for casual and resort wear, that has added accessories like buttons, tassels, scares, and embroideries.

There are more than shirts available for women, from elegant to casual, classic to trendy. Here is a list of tops that will compliment every type of body and style:

Basic T-shirt:

This top is not recommended for formal wear. From sports teams to band tees to plain tees every single woman must have a basic collection of t-shirts in their wardrobe.

Fitted Cami:

The fashion stable, a spaghetti strap camisole is a great option to be worn with jackets and cardigans, silk Cami is an easy and stylish pair to be worn with jeans and a combo of heels on a hot summer party night.

A sleeveless shirt:

Do not get confused with a tank top, there is a very big difference between both. A sleeveless shirt covers the shoulder and has a collar or a high neckline in it. It is a great piece for workwear or a refined occasion. In the summertime, you can wear it with a skirt and in the winter season, you can wear a blazer over it.


Tunics can be worn by any woman no matter what their age and size is. Loose and stylish fitting that drapes beautifully right below the hip or at times reaches below your knees. In both ways, they look elegant on every woman’s figure.

You should try one or all of these tops, you will find these tops very comfortable and may prefer wearing them on a daily basis.