Pro-tips to get rid of ants

With much less eagerness to leave, ants are the uninvited house guest who will make your life miserable. They snoop around, walk over your food, and bite! However, they have a weak point, that is, they are pretty simple to eliminate, unlike cockroaches. In the warmer months, there are two varieties of ants that might enter your house, the house ants and the carpenter ants. The ants have a foul smell, and they refuge themselves in your house in search of food and shelter. The infestation is havoc, and if you are facing such issues in San Antonio, it is suggested that you consult a San Antonio, TX pest control professional.

Get rid of dampness

The damp and wet places in your house, like bathrooms, basements, and attics, are most likely to attract ants. If you find any leaks, seal them at once and dry any object that has gotten wet. Take good care of the woods that are damaged by water. The becks that are prone to rains should be investigated carefully as they are a delightful home for carpenter ants. 

Cleanliness matters

Ants love sugar and protein. They will feed on your food if not kept in airtight containers. If you have spilled soda, sweets, or any kind of food particles, clean them immediately, or they will act as an ant magnet. 

Invest in Ant Baits

Ant baits are best for barring their entrance into your house premises. Using laden baits available will kill the ants, and if they are carried to their home, the whole colony of ants will get demolished. 

Clean outdoors equals a clean indoor

Only cleaning your indoors will not be enough if your outdoors are tempting to ants and other pests. Ensure that your outdoors are well maintained, and that there is some supply of food for the ants. If the outdoors runs out of food, the ants will find a way indoors in the quest for food. 


Pests can be very infectious and harm your physical health. If you have small breed pets and toddlers, the ants can attract and bite them, leaving allergies and skin rashes. Other pests, like cockroaches, rodents, termites, etc., can cause severe respiratory diseases and food poisoning. If consistent DIYs to eliminate the pests are failing, call professionals for immediate assistance. There are different kinds of chemicals that are effective for different kinds of pests. A trained professional is aware of the techniques and will help you to make your house free from pests.