Online surveys in business: where is efficiency?

Online survey today is the most popular way to study the target audience and collect consumer opinions and feedback. But knowing its advantages and characteristics is essential to effectively create a survey via the Internet.

Surveys with a complex structure and hierarchy levels

Research organizers, most often, want to see the breakdown of results by multiple filters, be able to implement complex survey scenarios, and much more. The offline format does not allow most of the survey requirements to be met, or it does, but only to a limited extent. For example, you can prepare and print questionnaires for ordinary employees and management or representatives of different departments. Still, with each new filter, the complexity of producing and distributing questionnaires and subsequent analysis of the results will increase significantly. Online surveys are more flexible in this parameter – you can enter various filters into the study, and this will not affect the process of its organization in any way.

Ease of creation and distribution

For those wondering how to create a survey, you do not need to know programming languages. The interactive questionnaire can include photos, diagrams, drawings, videos, and audio files. The questionnaire can be designed in the brand’s corporate style, adding a logo and other elements of the brand book. The researcher can use a wide range of channels to distribute questionnaires. The link to the questionnaire can be sent by e-mail, via instant messengers, in an SMS message, and published on social networks.

Automatic data analysis

The answers of the survey participants are accumulated in a shared database. They can be analyzed in real-time. Online survey services offer many tools for building statistics and generating reports; if necessary, you can upload information to an external file for further processing. In addition, with a formalized interview with question and answer options, the data is immediately stored in a tabular form; thus, you can see its intermediate results.