March Means AC Maintenance Time Is Here 

Is there a more dreaded feeling than walking into a room on a hot summer day, stripping down for the AC, and feeling like you must swim in your sweat? Of course, no. But you can avoid the sweltering heat this summer by having AC maintenance. What makes now the right time to schedule maintenance? Read on to find out.

March is Just the Beginning of Spring
Spring is not yet on the calendar, but it’s already here. Warm days have been in the forecast all season, and the first signs of spring are in the air. This is the time to perform maintenance so that your central air conditioning unit will be ready for the warmer, longer summer days. You want to start the summer with something other than an outdated, inefficient AC.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Energy Bills Low
Like the price of everything else, the cost of energy is going up, and it’s only set to increase. Each day, the many hours your AC works will quickly add up on your power bill. With air conditioning services, you can have your AC tuned up and running smoothly again in just a few hours. Fixing your AC is a smart move for your wallet and the environment.

A Unit with Regular Maintenance is Less Likely to Break
Proper maintenance isn’t just about saving money, though it certainly does that. It’s also about preventing breakdowns, which are much more costly than regular maintenance. A system that receives adequate care is less likely to have troubles when summer arrives.

Efficiency Relieves the Stress on Your Home
Are you now feeling the pangs of spring in your bones? It’s time to save energy and enjoy the summer properly. How? By taking advantage of air conditioning services. Suppose your AC has been giving you trouble lately; schedule maintenance immediately. You can also schedule an overall inspection and get recommendations for repairs if necessary.

Durability Improves with Regular Maintenance
Proper maintenance can also keep your central air conditioning unit running for many years. Regular maintenance results in less wear and tear on the system. It also keeps your system more efficient, which saves you money on energy bills. And you can take advantage of AC maintenance services without coping with a malfunctioning AC.

Your Safety is Guaranteed
A well-maintained system is less likely to cause problems, including fire and frostbite. It’s also safer for your family. The system is less likely to start a fire if something is wrong. And the condenser coils are much less likely to melt below freezing temperatures or catch flame if gas leaks from faulty appliances.

Comfort is Guaranteed
When your AC system is in excellent working order, you will have plenty of time to relax and unwind. You don’t have to work hard to cool your home this summer. Your comfort is guaranteed with air conditioning services. What’s more, your home will be more inviting during the summer.

You can enjoy a comfortable, cool home this summer with regular maintenance. You also save money on electric and gas bills year-round. Get ready for a summer of comfort and enjoyment by scheduling a consultation with Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning

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