How to Know It’s Time to Consider Getting Ontario Dentures

There are many reasons you need a complete set of teeth. However, sometimes, you could lose one or more teeth. Thankfully, there are options to replace them, including dentures. With complete dentures, you can restore your normal smile. Your Burlington, Ontario family dentist might recommend dentures when you suffer from any of the following oral health issues:

Serious Tooth Decay or Loss

Tooth decay and tooth loss are common oral health problems. When you experience serious tooth damage, getting dentures can be practical and necessary. Dentures offer important support to your oral health, improving your ability to chew and speak as well as preserving the structure of your face. 

If you lost one or more teeth, you may need to get dentures. Consult with a dentist if you think you are ready for this change. 

Serious Toothaches

Tooth pain can become the only thing you can think about when it occurs. This indicates serious tooth decay that has got into the nerve. If the chronic pain is caused by more than one tooth, see your dentist and know if you can get dentures. But your dentist may have other options to relieve your pain. 

Bleeding or Serious Gums

Bleeding, swollen, and inflamed gums can indicate an early stage of gum disease, which is a common cause of tooth loss. These issues often occur due to improper oral hygiene. When not treated on time, you could lose a tooth and get dentures. 

Trouble Consuming Chewy and Hard Foods

If eating chewy or hard foods cause you pain, this could mean you have a cracked tooth, gum disease, or cavities. You must address this problem with your dentists to preserve the affected tooth. Usually, the dentist will recommend a root canal treatment and put a crown on the treated tooth to prevent it from decaying further. 

Loose or Shifting Teeth

When your teeth become loose or begin to shift, it can indicate bone loss around your teeth. In this case, your teeth must be examined as soon as possible. Your dentist will determine if the affected teeth can still be saved or must be extracted. When your teeth have fallen out, they are gone for good. When this happens, you may have to get dentures to have an appealing smile again. But your dentist may also suggest getting implant-supported dentures to prevent bone loss. Bone loss can lead to many issues, such as facial collapse.