How To Create Effective Videos

Before creating a video with Gillespie Productions for example, it is necessary to identify its target, which consumes video formats. In marketing, knowing your target is important to adopt an appropriate and relevant strategy.

There are many formats and types of videos. Depending on your target and their preferences, you can create advertising films, institutional films, or corporate films, but not only. They are very effective in promoting the values ​​of your company. We remember, for example, the commercial Nike: Find Your Greatness

Today and with social networks, Internal Communications Video Production, other video formats are interesting to integrate into your communication strategy. Video reports, web-series can be interesting options but require some

preparation and organization. Short formats will be favored on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. YouTube and Twitch generally have much longer formats.

Choose The Format And Tone To Use

It is important to use the right format and tone depending on your target. This will create more engagement and, therefore, more ROI. This type of video is more easily shared on social networks.

A Clear Message By Video

The purpose of each video is to share a message or inform Internet users. Identify the most important message and highlight the good.

A Video Graphics Style Specific To Your Company

By adopting a striking video style, you will shape your brand image. Your audience will be able to recognize your videos at a glance, thanks to your brand content or branded content. You will create a universe immediately recognizable by your audience while sharing your values ​​and uniting your customers to your brand.

You can create this, for example, with a graphic style given to your videos by post-production or motion design, which allows you to add elements to the initial video.

Your videos can be effective if they are part of a more general approach. It is a communication tool that must be linked to your other communications and digital strategy to optimize the expected results.

Take Inspiration From Influencers

With the use of videos on social networks, new influencers have appeared. Social networks that mainly broadcast videos, such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat or even Instagram, and Facebook, have understood the importance of videos for brands and Internet users.

From now on, Internet users can interact with influencers live or on their channels or page. You can also interact with the community through a video. From this point of view, it is interesting to see the example of Twitch which has become a social network around a community or interest.

Videos from influencers in our industry that go viral can give us insight into what people like and share.

Analyzing performance metrics can help us choose the topic, tone, and format for content to succeed.

With so many resources and the web, creating a relevant video is easy.

What Software Or Platforms To Use?

Good video communication begins upstream with software or a video creation platform. For a company, the choice of the software used is first made according to the financial means available.

In 2022, creating a professional video has become within reach of every individual. You can even create marketing videos through your smartphone, the apps are free, but you have to pay for more features. However, free apps allow you to make engaging videos for your business.

Here is a selection of the best video creation software and platforms for you in 2022:

Both professionals and novices can use this software, platform, and application. Indeed, most of these tools are intuitive and do not require special training.

You don’t necessarily need a big budget to make quality videos. Shooting and sound recording will be the main elements before buying the latest professional camera. Take the time to train yourself on these aspects to optimize your video renderings.

However, you can hire a professional service provider to produce a video to improve your visual identity and branding.