Growing Trends of Outdoor Products Made in China

Since the epidemic began, more people have given their health more consideration. They have made reasonable arrangements and improved physical activity to increase immunity, in addition to buying health products and traditional Chinese medicines that increase their resistance. Sports, health, and long breaks are currently the main forms of leisure activities. As a result, sales of outdoor products made in China have emerged recently.

It might be claimed that online home fitness has experienced tremendous growth. It is predicted that people will continue to be excited about fitness and that the demand for sports will increase after the pandemic is over and things return to normal.

The sports industry in China is still expanding. Having grown by 10.9% annually, the market’s entire size in 2019 was RMB 2.95 trillion. Sports goods made up 1,361.4 billion yuan, or 46.2%, of the total, while sports services made up 1,493 billion yuan, or 50.6%. In the coming years, the market for outdoor products will continue to grow quickly. The size of the Chinese sports market will surpass 5 trillion yuan by 2025, and with the advancements in 5G, the IoT, big data, and AI, tedious workouts will be turned into enjoyable pastimes.

Types of Outdoor Products Much in Demand 

  • Outdoor Jackets
  • Outdoor Trousers
  • Outdoor Shorts
  • Base Layers
  • Outdoor Coats
  • Outdoor Shirts
  • Hiking Apparel
  • Mountain Clothing
  • Hunting Clothes
  • Casual Apparel

Benefits of Getting Outdoor Products From China 


Chinese factories are highly in demand due to their efficiency and high productivity rate. The manufacturing process can start with little to no interruptions as soon as product lines are set up. This scenario is also perfect for situations where there is a great demand and time is extremely important.

Global Shipping

Even though products are created in China, it is simple to ship them anywhere in the world. Outdoor products made in China also free you up from having to focus just on domestic sales. Because of the widespread demand, you can now sell and distribute your products simultaneously to customers in all corners of the world.

Lower Production Costs

Forget about the unions, labour laws, and ever-changing legal requirements that can sabotage a design before it gets off the ground. Chinese manufacturing is subject to restrictions that are beneficial to business. You can acquire the results you need without spending a fortune with the cheap rates for labour and the components or raw material. Additionally, you can cut your costs by 20%–30% if you choose a Chinese manufacturing partner who is adept at navigating the world of international trade.

Quality Standard

The quality of outdoor products made in China is continually improving as more businesses shift their operations to China. It is currently the global centre for manufacturing. Consumers need inexpensive, long-lasting goods, which makes China an attractive manufacturing location.

Key Reasons for Increase in Demand for Outdoor Products from China

More Short Haul Trips  

After the pandemic is over people are coming out of their shells and planning for outdoor activities. More and more people are planning vacations that include camping, hiking, skiing, etc. This increases the demand for outdoor products. As customers are demanding more products, businesses are looking for opportunities to meet those demands at a cheaper price by sourcing outdoor products.

National Policy by Government 

The national and local governments have released several policies to support the active growth of outdoor sports and advance national fitness. Under the unique geographic landscape and climatic conditions of each city, the provincial administration has also implemented associated policies.

The increasing demand for outdoor products made in China is due to its quality, cheap rates, and easy outsourcing. Buying from a reliable source is the primary condition for a good business. Thus, for overseas businesses, it is wise to hire a local sourcing agent to get the transaction done smoothly.