Getting Creative with those Little Feet

As a parent of a growing toddler, all our attention is towards the growth of the young child. Sensory play and exploring are all that a child’s growth depends on. It is the perfect time for them to get creative and anything that pushes them on the edge to try new things will be the best for them. While making a mess is what we hate, but kids learn by making a mess and you will have to bear with it for a while.

Here are a few fun things that you can do with your child as a part of daily recreation to help them grow.


Parents love to get the footprints of their child and some of them get it framed too. It signifies the growth of the child, however, there is also a possibility where you can make a game out of this and let your kid have fun. It is a great idea to stand them in different textures on dough, clay and let them play with it. You can even fill a bucket with some water and colour and allow them to make their footprints in the garden. Find the best boys shoes to protect your kid’s feet.

Also, a great way is to put some paper or a white rolling sheet on the ground and allow the kids to make a nice rainbow of the colours on the sheet that can be sued as a decorative piece at your home too. It’s a great playdate craft with your kid.


Babies love to dance and they will start bouncing at any place they would get. It is important to encourage this dance done by them and allow them to explore the moves as they grow. This dance is crucial in developing the core muscles and they will be able to quickly stand and walk. Dancing also allows them to express themselves and get their body moving. Music changes the whole game and allows their sensory nerves to develop. Get low-cost baby shoes Canada for your kid’s feet to tap with the mood and look cool.

Animal Themes Craft

Animal theme craft is a great way to learn the animals and they love animals as their soft toys, on their t-shirts, shoes and everything they can get. Pinterest is a great place to start the craft design for your kids. When starting to craft don’t focus on the result too much but allow the kids to enjoy the process.

Get wonderful craft material for your kids for their further development and allow them to explore things in a better way.