Five Benefits of Virtual Job Fairs

COVID-19 brought about many changes in the world. Schools, colleges, and even offices had to shut their doors. This brought about some positive changes as well. People could stay connected via video calls and companies asked their employees to work remotely.

Many people lost their jobs and tried to find an opening on multiple job portals. Did you check out virtual job fairs? Synergie Hunt International portal has a virtual job fair where you could find jobs in different industries. That’s not all! They have listed jobs that accept bilingual candidates. Now, that’s a revelation, right?

Since you are here, we would be happy to share the five benefits of virtual job fairs. Let’s get started!

  1. Easily Accessible

Everyone owns a smartphone these days. You could simply log in and reach the ‘virtual’ job fair. There was a time when people had to come from different countries and cities. It costs a lot of money to travel to physical job fairs. With virtual job fairs, you can gain access to multiple employers within seconds.

  1. Saving up of additional costs

If people had to conduct a job fair, there would be additional costs like venue charges, stall charges, and more. Holding a virtual career fair is easier and cost-effective. Now, this is from the organizer’s perspective. Perhaps you don’t have to worry about this pointer.

  1. Meeting multiple candidates/employees

Virtual job fairs make it easy to have one-on-one conversations with candidates and even employees. It helps candidates and employees to connect easily.

At in-person fairs, it is possible to speak to one person at a time.

  1. The attendance rate is higher

Virtual job fairs get at least 50% attendance which is more than what an in-person event would get.

Since it’s easily accessible and much more effective, candidates tend to make it to the fair.

  1. A chance to put your best foot forward

Even if the candidate does not get the job, they tried. It is a good experience for the candidate. It is heartbreaking if the candidate comes from a far-off place and does not get the job. They go home empty-handed. Some candidates don’t have that kind of budget to travel to a job fair. That’s precisely why a virtual job fair is convenient.

Summing up

Synergie Hunt International conducts virtual job fairs. If you want qualified candidates for a job or wish to get a job in Canada, contact Synergie. The virtual job fair will get you one step closer to your aspiring job or the most qualified candidate.