Filing a Car Accident Claim as a Passenger

Most of the time, the drivers involved in an accident file an injury claim. However, passengers suffering an accident can also take legal action against the liable driver. They are entitled to seek compensation for their losses caused by the accident due to the negligent conduct of the other party. Contact a Cheyenne car accident attorney to seek assistance in filing the claim and receiving coverage for the damages. 


In states with fault-based systems, the victim must file a claim against the insurance company used by the driver at fault. The company will be responsible for recovering all the expenses incurred from the accident. 

However, to file a claim and receive compensation, it is crucial to prove the liability of the accident. Determining liability gets difficult if multiple vehicles are involved in the accident. 

Single-Vehicle Accident

Single-vehicle accidents occur when one driver collides with an unmoving object, like a car in the parking, light poles, or trees. These crashes generally take place due to the negligent conduct of the driver. The negligence could be because of distracted driving or driving under the influence. 

In such cases, the passenger going through an accident can file a claim to the insurance company and seek reimbursement for all the pain and suffering caused by accident. 

Multiple-Vehicle Accident

It is comparatively difficult to determine liability in accidents involving more than one driver or vehicle. Before filing a claim, the victim must prove which driver caused the accident. 

This kind of crash mainly occurs due to negligence or violation of traffic guidelines. Driving under the influence or other forms of distraction can cause collisions between multiple vehicles. Speeding, tailgating, and failure to yield are some of the most common reasons for multi-vehicular accidents. Make sure to hire an efficient lawyer. They can assess the activities of all parties involved in the accident and decide the party responsible for causing the accident. 

What happens if more than one driver is found to be at fault?

A lot of accidents are caused due to the negligence of multiple drivers.  In such cases, the concept of comparative negligence is used to decide which driver had more contribution to causing the accident. 

The concept of comparative negligence implies that the activities of each driver must be assessed to determine their levels of negligence. Every driver involved in the accident is given a certain proportion of fault, which displays their role in causing the accident. The proportion decides the compensation owed by the respective drivers to the victim sitting in the car as a passenger.