Double vanities for small bathrooms – Tips for making it work

Many homeowners dream of adding a double vanity to their master bathroom. But limited space often deters upgrading from a single vanity. Fortunately, creative design solutions make installing double vanities possible even in small bathrooms. Smart planning and smart selections double your vanity convenience.

  • Understand standard bathroom dimensions. Minimum fixture clearances impact layout options. Typical bathtubs run 60-72 inches long. Showers measure around 36 x 36 inches. Allow 30-32 inches’ clearance in front of toilets. Door access requires 32-36 inches.
  • Now examine your bathroom layout and traffic patterns. Mark these fixed elements on a scale drawing. Visualize the remaining space to work within. Account for door swings that reduce useable floor area.
  • Experiment with plumbing lines for two sinks and drains. Contact a plumber to determine feasible and code-compliant configurations. Play with placements to optimize function while balancing costs.

With fixed elements mapped and plumbing planned, start playing with double vanity sizes and positions. Measure the maximum vanity length and depth your layout permits. This gives vanity shopping parameters. Prioritize traffic flow around the vanity, especially bathroom door access. Avoid bottlenecks and tight squeezes. Don’t sacrifice knee space and legroom. Consider your storage needs and his-and-her usage preferences. Do you require lots of drawer space? Would staggered sinks better suit how you share the bathroom? If space is at a premium, choose wall-hung units, narrow cabinet depths, or floating sinks. Vessel sinks minimize vanity depth but sacrifice counter space. Split double vanity configurations work wonderfully in tight footprints. A separate tower unit takes up little space while still providing his-and-her sinks. Mismatched vanities also be tailored to each user’s height. When you choose Bathroom Basins and Full Pedestal for sale in UK, you install a beautiful double vanity even in the smallest bathroom. Use these shopping tips:

  • Choose cabinet depths of 20 inches or less
  • Consider customizable sizing from specialty retailers
  • Favor narrower double bowl sinks
  • Opt for space-saving vessel sink designs
  • Seek shorter cabinet heights to maximize headroom
  • Look for removable drawer dividers to customize storage

Getting everything right requires meticulous bathroom measuring and planning. But the payoff is enjoying a luxuriously functional new double vanity.

Some helpful design ideas include:

  • Float the vanity away from the walls to define circulation paths
  • Zone sink and shower areas through creative vanity placement
  • Install windows alongside the vanity to visually expand the room
  • Accent with pendant lighting over each sink to draw the eye upward

Beyond physical size, select the right double vanity style to promote harmony in a small bath. Avoid bulky, ornate vanities that overwhelm you. Instead, seek clean, streamlined designs to keep the room feeling open. Light colors for cabinets, quartz countertops, and backsplashes make the bathroom feel larger. Incorporate glass elements like frosted cabinet panels. Frame small vanities with oversized mirrors that double visual space. Storage equals success in a small double vanity installation. Seek amenities like pull-out trays, integrated drawer dividers, medicine cabinets, and side storage towers. Prevent overcrowding that makes the room feel disorganized.