Accelerate your Sales on Amazon with Leading Experts

In the hustle and bustle of the Amazon selling platform in the United Kingdom, Amazon has offered a trifecta of powerful tools – Brand registry, storefront and product listings that can push sales and drive traffic. Use your Amazon account to the maximum with the assets provided by Amazon.

Launched in March 2017, the Amazon Brand Registry (UK) is a powerful tool that promotes account brand safety and content management. It opens a chest of endless opportunities and profitability in the selling and buying domain. Have you also come across issues with other unauthorised sellers replicating your efforts or using your product information and incorporating it into their listings? With this tool, you can shun all IP counterfeiters away from your brand. You are in luck as Amazon protects your valuable assets at every cost. Benefit using instruments such as Vines, DSP ads, lives and many other resources and keep your selling game ahead of others.

Understand the Brand enrolment process –

  • Keep your active trademark handy.
  • Add your business information and other legal credentials.
  • Enrol for the brand’s registry.
  • Add your brand and business details.
  • Select the category you wish to list your products.
  • Let Amazon verify your brand.
  • Your brand registry is ready.

One of the most critical tricks to create a strong and unique presence in this competitive landscape is to focus on creating an Amazon Storefront (UK). Who knew while sharing your product through a display, one can attract a billion customers to glance through products? Whenever you speak in Amazon terms, you must have been flooded with concepts like building brand identity and narrating stories. You must be wondering, what does brand identity have to do with an online store? Well, it does. Imagine customers don’t have to visit your shops, but they trust your brand enough to purchase the product. Earlier, without going to brick-and-mortar shops and holding the item in our hand, we never put even one pound. Amazon has been successful in completely revolutionising this.

Which storefront designs work wonders? Let us find out –

  • Product Grid – When you have innumerable products and variations, you should use the product grid template.
  • Marquee – Remember the brand identity and story-telling tactic? The Marquee tile can garner a deeper connection with customers.
  • Showcase – From product descriptions to high-quality images you can benefit from the intermingling of both components.

With multiple pre-prepared layouts options, sellers can design them can present their products on different dedicated pages. Using various text tiles, images and detailed photography, you can complete the store look.

Amazon Listing Optimisation

Amazon holds traffic for both sellers and products. To free your brand from the chains of redundancy and similarity, sellers can focus on leveraging product listing optimisation. What is this optimisation? It’s the art of converting bland information into awe-inspiring one that compels every finger to scroll through the entire detail page. Most of the sellers and vendors feel showing their products is enough. The game lies in informing customers of the intricacies of the product and how they can benefit them. Note they have to buy your products, not you. It’s precisely more crucial to customise listings according to their needs and requirements. Infusing high-volume search terms and crafting persuasive product descriptions, bullet points and titles can bring traffic and visibility toward your list, not toward your competitors.