A Powerful and External Entry-level Phone

HONOR is a technology brand that focuses on young people. Although it newly released HONOR 9A as an entry-level model. The appearance and performance of this phone are great.

The HONOR 9A has a 6.3-inch pearl full screen. It has Germany’s Rhine TUV certified eye protection screen. It can effectively inhibit harmful blue light in screen light. It reduces eye damage caused by long-term use of mobile phones.

The body adopts a very narrow frame design. A highly integrated earpiece on the upper part of the pearl camera at the top of the mobile phone. It is close to the many sensors. Such as light sensors and ambient light sensors. This design makes the bangs of the mobile phone smaller. It makes the screen proportion higher.

HONOR 9A uses HONOR’s latest operating system Magic 3.0. 1. The new gesture control function has replaced the physical keys. It makes the chin of HONOR 9A much smaller than HONOR 8A. It further increases the screen proportion of the mobile phone. HONOR 9A retains a 3.5 mm earphone connector at the bottom. The back of the fuselage has a bright surface. The double camera module is at the upper left corner. Back fingerprint identification is centrally arranged. It printed the LOGO in the middle of the lower part. The screen and the frame of the body adopt circular arc transition treatment. It greatly increases the grip comfort of the mobile phone. The whole machine weigh of 186 grams (card insertion) of. The grip is quite comfortable.

HONOR 9A has HONOR’s latest Magic UI 3.0 operating system. It adopts the AI-blessed magazine lock screen, magazine interface. The desktop icon layout more exquisite. The visual enjoyment is more quality. It has built-in dark color mode. The mode adopts the best contrast between the text foreground and the dark background. It makes the reading experience more comfortable.

Magic UI3.0 system has black technology. Such as super file system, LinkTurbo, GpuTurbo and Ark compiler. They make HONOR 9A experience very smooth in actual daily use. It can give you smooth online games experience without pressure.

The HONOR 9A rear main camera has 13 megapixels. The color restoration ability of this main camera is good. It can basically meet the needs of daily shooting. HONOR 9A will continue to inherit that independent high-power SmartPA power amplifier. The function gained highly praised on HONOR 8A. Compared with the previous generation, the loudness is much higher. The external effect is shocking. The function of high volume playing outside is an essential and important function. You can listen to music outside. HONOR 9A adds a special function to the high volume. That is, the wireless FM radio function. Moreover, this wireless FM radio function can be used without inserting headphones.

HONOR 9A has a 5000mAh super-large battery with long endurance. Generally, there is no problem with moderate use for two days. It perfectly solves endurance anxiety. HONOR 9A also supports OTG fast recharge function due to its large battery. Other equipment may have no electricity when going out. HONOR 9A can be used as a temporary emergency power supply.

Buying HONOR smartphones can give you external appearance and internal strength. It is a best choice among models with the same price. HONOR 9A can definitely occupy a place in entry-level mobile phones. It has 6.3-inch super-large eye protection screen. Smooth operation experience of Magic UI3.0 operating system. Convenient combination of external amplification volume and radio. 5000mAh super-large battery. OTG reverse charging and other functions.