A Bake Sale Must!

Usually a bake sale wouldn’t seem like such a huge ordeal. Just follow the recipe on the package of chocolate chips, and bam, you’re all done, right? Unfortunately, that only works when you have one child in school. I have four school aged children, so when it comes time for fundraisers like these, it’s quite a bit more involved. The kids try their best to be helpful, but usually it just turns into me cleaning up after the messes they’ve made, fixing whatever they did not do correctly, and making it such a long drawn out process. Truly exhausting.

I had owned a Cuisinart food processor for about a year. It was a birthday gift from a family member. I had never really used one before, so my knowledge was very limited. I wasn’t very interested, so I pretty much stowed it away for all those months.

When the bake sale was looming, I decided to delve into some research on how to make bigger batches of something that was seemingly simple. As it turns out, my answer was sitting on a shelf in one of my cabinets. You guessed it. It was my Cuisinart food processor.

During my searches, I found KitchenWorksInc., a website that sells actual Cuisinart food processor replacement parts. Not knockoffs that would probably break. I ordered myself a dough blade and a larger bowl to hold that dough. What a lifesaver.

If you’re making cookies with nuts (which I personally love, but is a big no no at school), you can chop them all right in the food processor instead of chopping by hand or my usual go to, crushing them in the bag with a meat mallet, which often makes nutty dust or large chunks rather than evenly chopped nuts. I’ve continued to do this for my at home baking needs consistently, even if I don’t need a larger amount.

The dough blade and larger bowl make it so much easier to push out these larger batches. Rather than completing each step by hand, I just add whatever the ingredients are to the food processor and let it work its magic. It mixes the dough perfectly, really distributing everything equally. We don’t end up with any of those cookies where there are tons of chocolate chips on one side, and none on the other. 

My kids are proud to sell my baked goods at these fundraisers, which is a nice feeling for a mother. That, and when it gets the job done of sending them on a cool class trip or having some special event at school that otherwise would not have occured, it really makes all the difference. 

I’m so thankful that I finally tried my Cuisinart food processor and had that much success with it. I could kick myself for letting it sit on that shelf for the almost year that it did. I’m super excited to learn more about the magic that it holds and how it can make my life easier in other ways as well.