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5 way to use VERTICAL BLINDS:-

Make your home stunning by adorning your vertical blinds with an assortment curtains and drapes. Decorations of vertical blinds will make your home visually attractive, modern and elegant.

Here is the procedure:

Vertical blinds or curtains in bright colors will give your living space a more expressive look.

Choose a curtain with additional fabric hanging from the curtain to create a more extravagant look. For a formal feel or atmosphere, use lined curtains that are darker than curtains and block out a lot of daylight.

For a casual look, choose curtains made of cotton, wool or linen to decorate your vertical blinds, which add a radiant look when the sunlight streams through the windows.

Satin and velvet curtains reflect luxury for a traditional and elegant home. Choose black, brown or dark red to maximize the luxurious look of your home.

Create a subtle look by choosing vertical blinds a few shades darker than the wall color.

How vertical blinds will make your home look good:-

With a wide variety of options for homeowners to choose from, vertical blinds are one of the easiest window treatments you can use. Vertical blinds will make your home more beautiful and functional at the same time. Vertical blinds can provide the essentials you need for window treatments such as sun protection, privacy and home aesthetics for a more comfortable and good looking living space.

Vertical blinds mask the hard lines of your window frame:-

If you have window frames with hard lines, you can decorate your vertical blinds with sheer curtain fabric. This will soften the overall impression of the room. Remember that decorating atranslucent fabric together with vertical blinds does not have to serve as a functional curtain. However, it is a great method to hide the hard lines of the window frame.

Paint vertical blinds to enhance the look of your home .You can always upgrade your old blinds by purchasing new vertical blinds. Sliding glass windows and doors are better off with vertical blinds. However, as time goes by, your old vertical blinds may not blend in with your new home decor, making your living room look dated. You can solve this problem by painting vertical blinds.

Regardless of whether your vertical blinds are fabric or vinyl, you can paint them with specialty paints or paints designed to adhere to such surfaces. Plastic spray paint provides long-lasting color and perfect coverage. You can paint vertical blinds to match the moldings and walls. Make sure you clean the blinds properly before painting. Vinyl blinds would also require light sanding for the paint to adhere.

Use self-adhesive in vertical blinds:-

You can cut the wallpaper to match the size of your blinds’ slats and stick them directly onto the slats to create a different look for your window. Choose from a variety of wallpaper patterns and colors. Remember to use a vinyl backing to ensure the wallpaper adheres to the slats of your vertical blinds.

Maximize the beauty of your home with vertical blinds decorated with wall stickers added to the slats by cutting them into sections. The decals create a stunning and modern mural when your vertical blinds are closed. They also add visual interest and color when the blinds are open.Protect your privacy without compromising security and aesthetics

It is a good idea to invest in wireless vertical blinds not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for the safety of pets and children. The look of your vertical blinds indoors and outdoors can enhanced with professional blind installation.

For more privacy, you can combine the use of blackout curtains with vertical blinds. It can used in your bedroom, home office and other areas of the home where you need privacy. Decorating vertical blinds with home decorations made of thick fabric, wall stickers or wallpaper will also be enough.

If you have a newly built home, it is a good idea to talk to your interior designer. This will ensure the selection of the right type of roller blind for maximum privacy, home aesthetics and safety.

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