5 Good Reasons You Should Eat White Potatoes

Most people are of the opinion that white potatoes are not good for you because white potatoes are generally associated with fries. However, white potatoes in themselves are very healthy and nutritional with zero fat; the cooking process and ingredients added determine the fat level in the potatoes. Despite this, there are several ways to consume white potatoes and healthy recipes, which always turns out delicious. If you’re looking for a good reason why you should even consider consuming white potatoes, below are five of them.

High Potassium Level

Potassium is an important nutrient needed to balance water and body fluids; it also plays a vital part in nerve function and muscle contraction. Bananas have always been proclaimed the best source of potatoes, but contrary to popular beliefs, white potatoes have a much higher level of potassium than a banana. A single medium baked white potato offers you about 700mg of potassium.

Ideal Source of Vitamin C

Most people don’t even consider white potatoes when vitamin C is mentioned, but they offer about 45% of your daily value of vitamin C. We all know that Vitamin C is very vital to sustaining your immune system, and with enough vitamin C in your body, your stress level would be reduced due to the vitamins preventing the secretion of the stress hormones.

High Fiver Level

If you’re looking to lose weight, then it might be time to include white potatoes in your diet. White potatoes contain a high level of fiber, which is beneficial to digestion, heart health, and also weight loss. Most of the fiber content of white potato is found in the skin; therefore, you should consider consuming white potato with the skin intact.

Low Sugar Level

Many people make the mistake of assuming that since white potato is sweet, it is very high in sugar and is therefore bad for you. This is not true as white potatoes contain low sugar and are also sodium-free; a medium-sized white potato only has a gram of sugar and is completely free of sodium or fat of any kind. However, the cooking process is how unhealthy fat and sodium gets into the white potatoes as we often fry them up and top them with salt and pepper.

They’re Inexpensive

Another good reason to eat white potatoes is that it is quite inexpensive and available year-round despite loads of nutrients in this vegetable. This makes it very easy to eat healthily on a budget. People can now discard the notion that only junk food is cheap and affordable.